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    Patch notes for OMDU 2.4 are now available for PC

    PC players are set to receive a new patch for Orcs Must Die! Unchained next week. This patch is largely a balance patch with a couple of new features. This patch is a precursor to a bigger update happening a bit later which will add new maps and a hero to the game. For now though some of the headline changes in V2.4 are:

    • Temple Graveyard map is now available for play in Sabotage.
    • New Sabotage consumables – say hello to Frost Giants, and two cool new additions:
      • Minions Drop Grenades Buff: Causes player sent minions to have a 50% chance to drop grenades on death.
      • Teleportation Staff: Drops a staff that will teleport enemies to a random location if they stay within its area for several seconds.
    • Chaos Trials – Two new modifiers:
      • Guardians Damage Allies – Guardian Spin damages barricades and players.
      • Unstable Rift Polymorph – Failing to close an Unstable Rift will cause the entire team to be polymorphed.
    • Fast Restart – non-matchmade games can now be restarted by the party leader.
    • New skins! Lots of new skins, the lucky heroes in this patch are: Smolder, Hogarth, Ivy, Stinkeye, Max, Tundra, Cygnus, Midnight, Gabby, Bloodspike, Bionka

    The rest of the patch notes relate to balance changes for all number of things. To delve into these check out the post on the OMDU forums where you can join in the discussion about the upcoming changes.


    This patch is set to release August 30th.