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    New patch lands for Hero Academy 2

    Happy patch day, heroes! BonusXP and Robot Entertainment have released a new patch for Hero Academy 2, bringing not only some balance changes to cards but also some brand new cards in the form of new Vermin weapon cards. Fancy 50% dodge or veil? Equip one of these new weapons!

    • Skitter Skulls – On Equip: Gain Dodge 50%.
    • Gut Opener – +1 Damage, Deal +2 Damage to Heroes with 3 or more Attack.
    • Talked-Too-Much – +2 Damage, Heal 1 Health at the End of Turn.
    • Calamity’s Candle – +1 Damage, Draw a random Spell from your Discard pile.
    • Snapback Shot – +1 Damage, Eulogy: Add a Snapback Shot to your hand.
    • Unfortunate Soul – +1 Damage, On Equip: Veil.

    There are two new challenge packs now available as well to test your wits, themed around these new weapons.

    In other news, in response to player feedback the mandatory tutorial has been re-tuned to be much shorter, helping players get into games quicker.

    There are quite a few balance changes for each faction. You can review the full patch notes on the Hero Academy website, link below.