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    Jerome Jones talks about Stadia with The Gamer

    Robot’s Lead Design Director, Jerome Jones has sat down to talk with The Gamer about Orcs Must Die! 3 which is still making good progress towards its launch this year despite the delays caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. The game is on track for release later this year as a timed exclusive on Stadia and then coming to other platforms a bit later after that.

    So.. the question on many players might be why Stadia and what does it bring to the table? Also why might some of the problems that other games have faced might not be such a big issue OMD3? In essence they key benefit is the power of cloud computing and that now Robot will be able to greatly scale up the game. Think bigger levels, more minions, more physics. What this means in reality is that players will now be able to step more outside of the castles and place traps outdoors at much bigger scale.

    “When first playing a war scenario in OMD! 3,” Jones said, “the army of orcs that comes at you is quite epic! It might even seem unwinnable.” Previously in the OMD! series, players would complete battles within the castle itself, but never had a chance to step outside. Now, the scope of the game will increase dramatically as you leave the castle, where OMD! 3‘s mousetrapping mechanics have been significantly enhanced, and battles will be bigger and more exciting than anything we’ve seen before.

    Huge war machines can be set up by players taking out masses of Orcs at once. These will be some of the biggest offensive weapons in players armouries like never seen before, even in Unchained.

    However does all this exciting new up scale come with a cost? What about things like lag? Jerome explains this should not be an issue with OMD3:

    Stadia has found the most problems with first-person shooters, where an immediate response is expected to get the full effect of the gameplay. OMD! 3‘s tower defense-style of action isn’t as reliant on response time, and any lag that might be there is impossible to detect.

    Check out the full article over at The Gamer to see more of Jerome’s thoughts on OMD3 and Stadia. Get excited for the biggest Orcs Must Die! yet, coming later this year!