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    Spotlight On: FaTeReLLa

    This week we have something a little different for our Friday interview. This week we’re interviewing FaTeReLLa who is the Community Manager over at GameForge who are handling the EU side of OMDU. So without further adue let’s find out about FaTeReLLA herself!

    The Basics

    • Name: Martina
    • Home Town: Udine, Italy (but I live in Germany for the past 4 years.


    • Can you tell us a little about your username? Why FaTeReLLa?

    This is a funny story. My nickname is really old and I’ve used it for around 15 years. When I was young (in my 20ies), I was chatting on a website called “Digiland” where I was the mascots of the chat group because I was the youngest member. A friend of mine started calling me “LaFatinaDeiMieiSogni” literally translating to “TheFairyOfMyDreams”. Later on I moved to IRCnet Chat and the character limit for usernames was 9, so I had to find a nickname that fit. Somehow I thought of Faterella (in Italian means something like Little Fairy). The name stuck and I registered the nickname FaTeReLLa with all consonant in caps (I prefer the aesthetics), and never stop using it.


    • How long have you been working at GameForge?

    I’ve been working for Gamforge since January 2010 as employee. Before that I was a volunteer community supporter for 5 years for some browser games such as Ogame.

    • Aside from OMD – what others games do you enjoy playing?

    Right now the only other game I’m playing is Metin2, but I’ll probably switch to just OMDU since I’m totally falling in love with it.


    • Outside of gaming what are your hobbies?

    I’m a passionate reader; I read an average of 60 books a year. I also love to listen to music while walking and I like to sing, but don’t ask me to sing you something unless you are prepared to bleed from your ears!  And last but not least I love to cook and to try new recipes, Italian food mainly!


    • What excites you the most about OMDU and managing the EU community?

    The thing that excite me the most about OMDU is the fact that the game offers so much. You have a PVP challenge – not my favourite thing but still if I manage to kill someone I smile a bit, strategy – I love to organize the team and manage trap placement in the perfect way to get combos, fun and excitement – so far in each match I played it didn’t matter if I won or lost, I enjoy them so much anyway!

    About managing the EU community, well it’s a challenge. There are many differences between the games that I’ve managed before. First of all working with an NA partner is very different to working with a Korean partner. Also we’ve decided to change the board settings, where we usually have one board for each language, instead we decided to have one board with a Multilanguage function that allows people to read posts in every language or just to read the posts in their own language if they prefer. It’s a huge project for me and I can’t wait to see how the community will grow and see what direction it will take.

    • What is an average day like for you at GameForge?

    Well, that is a really hard question. Put simple, every day is different! Sometime there are calm days (once or twice per year). In general though I arrive at the office between 7 to 9am,  switch on my computer and while it’s loading go to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee (sometime when I feel a bit down, instead of using automatic coffee machine I prepare my Italian one with the Moka Pot – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moka_pot).

    Then I go back to my desk, check my emails, forum messages and topics, facebook pages and I look for important topics or urgent issues. Also I’m taking care of another game called Animas Online, so I have split my time between OMDU and AO. I have a couple of meetings a day with my team (CMs) or with product teams (team that works on the product, like the OMDU Team or AO Team).

    • How was PAX East?

    A W E S O M E. First of all it was my first time in the US. I had some problems with Jet Lag, but luckily for me it didn’t affect my time in Pax East. The exposition itself was amazing and I had the possibility to get in touch with many people that wanted to try OMDU. Some of them were really excited whilst others got excited after trying it out. In general the feedback of the audience was surprising and I hope to get the chance to participate in such initiatives again.

    • If you could pick one OMDU hero to be your favourite, who would it be and why?

    This is a really hard question. From my experience I understand that the hero itself does not make you win, it’s all about team work. Sometime the hero you pick does not fit with the other heroes your teammates choose, so in the end all heroes should be your favourite.


    • Can you give us a teaser about the kind of things the EU community can expect from GameForge?

    I’d like to but right now nothing is written in stone so it’s really too early to say! What I can say as Community Manager is that I will try to be as close to the community as possible, listen to the community needs and do my best to make OMD!Unchained Europe a cool place where everyone can have fun and enjoy themselves!


    Shout Out

    • Is there anything you would like to say to all the OMD fans out there right now?

    Play fair, have fun, stay away from Mountain Trolls and feel free to poke me whenever you feel the need!

    Orcs Must Die! EU service transitioning to Robot Entertainment

    Some important news for Orcs Must Die! Unchained players in the EU. It has been announced today that from March 14th GameForge will be transitioning Orcs Must Die EU services to Robot Entertainment. This means that on that date it will no longer be possible to play Orcs Must Die! Unchained on the EU client.

    Never fear, however, EU players will be back up and running from the 21st March on a new unified account with Orcs Must Die NA players, managed by Robot Entertainment. All players currently on the EU client will have the option to migrate from their Gameforge account to a new Robot Entertainment account from March 21st.

    Gameforge Producer, Andy Duthie comments:

    This has been a very difficult decision for us to make but we believe this is the best for the future of the game. Robot Entertainment have proved to be excellent partners in getting to this stage and with the game now coming into fruition it is best for them to continue shaping it moving forwards.


    What does this mean?

    For the community this means that the EU and NA player base will now be combined, growing a new single, unified community between these new regions. This not only includes the in-game player base but also community forums and such like. You’ll now be able to add friends in-game for all players between these regions. The new blog on the Orcs Must Die website indicates:

    We are still working out the specifics, but we fully intend to maintain EU and NA communities on the Orcs Must Die! website. Our goal is to foster one big, happy OMDU community as much as we can while still making sure we pay specific attention to regional communities.

    There will still be actual servers in the EU region, so there should not be an impact on network performance.

    Transferring your account purchases, account level etc

    The migration tool that launches on March 21st will guide players through the process of transitioning to a new Robot account. All in-game purchases, gold and account level will be transferred to your new account. Gold will be converted at the correct Robot Entertainment rate. Players will not be losing out on anything via this conversion in terms of purchases and game progress.

    However, unfortunately friends list and other social features cannot be transferred to your new Robot account. Additionally, if your username is already taken on the Robot account system, you will have to create a new one.

    Week long maintenance also brings new patch

    There will be one week long maintenance from when the EU servers close on the 14th until migration opens on the 21st March. This maintenance will enable Robot Entertainment and Gameforge to prepare for the upcoming account migrations. There is more good news to this maintenance, it will also see a new patch release for the game too. Mark the 21st in your calendar as a day to watch for new OMDU content and unified player-base!

    It’s been a good ride on the OMDU EU servers. We have much enjoyed the excellent streams from FaTeReLLa before her departure late last year. The community forums have been full of useful discussion from Siege through to Survival. Good times await the unified playerbase and community. Thank-you Gameforge for supporting the EU players for the last three years.

    To read more about this announcement be sure to check the new blog by Robot’s VP of Production, Chris Rippy on the link below:


    New 2016 closed beta hours & stream times

    2016 is in full swing and we now have new closed beta hours for both NA and EU OMDU closed beta servers.

    North America

    The servers will now be open all weekend starting from Thursday evening at 6pm CT up until 10PM CT on Sunday. Plenty of time to get some games in for both testing and fun!


    In the EU the servers are open from Thursday evening through to Sunday evening as well. Thats Thursdays from 5 PM (CET) untill Sundays at midnight (CET).

    Twitch Streams

    Plenty of Twitch streams will be taking place including ‘Meet Your Match‘ every Friday with your hostess with the mostess Nananea playing OMDU with the community. Plus Robot Entertainment will be continuing the popular ‘Insider Access‘ which gives us exclusive interviews with Robot staff talking all about OMDU and more. ‘Orcs After Dark‘ is also back every other Thursday where players can join Robot Entertainment staff for an evening of play. Every other week Nananea will take us back to a blast from the past with OMD1 and 2 gameplay with ‘Throwback Thursday‘.

    Here is a summary of the line-up:

    Showing on OrcsMustDie.tv

    Show Time
    Tuesday – 3pm Central US
    6:30pm – 8:30pm Central US
    6:30pm – 8:30pm Central US


    Showing on OrcsMustDieEU.tv

    Gameforge Communications Manager FaTeReLLa is on hand throughout January with various streams. Here is the current line up:

    Rimmon’s visit to Gameforge

    If you happened to watch the Super Special Live Stream event on the Orcs Must Die! EU twitch channel which took place a few weeks ago, you would have seen a special guest! Indeed, Rimmon from the OMDU EU community made a guest appearance having been invited to Gameforge HQ for 3 days by FaTeReLLa to talk OMDU with the Gameforge team.

    Rimmon has been a strong influencer in the OMDU EU community. We interviewed him earlier in the year as part of our Fan Friday series where he was working with Muchcoffee on Atypical Neurons, a fan site for OMDU bursting with detailed information about heroes, traps gear and minions.

    Having been invited to Gameforge HQ Rimmon has taken to the forums to blog about his experience, which had quite an interesting start with trouble with cancelled flights. It was all worth it in the end though and Rimmon got a sneak peak of what is coming up for OMDU and patch 2.6 and beyond, as well as meeting and greeting the excellent Gameforge crew who look after the OMDU EU community. Rimmon had a great time playing plenty of games with the Gameforge team on and off stream and has left with an even greater positive vibe, writing on his report:

    As I left Karlsruhe I did so with renewed motivation, and fresh ideas. I hope that I’ll stay with this community as it grows, and I will of course continue trying to support, and benefit you guys in some way. I’ve been trying out Guide Writing, Fan Site, Videos, and Streaming, in the end I’ll spend my time on what I enjoy the most, be sure that whatever I do I’ll find a way to contribute to the community.


    Be sure to check out Rimmon’s full report over on the OMDU EU forums using the link below. You can also check out the stream from the special event below too.


    Closed beta testing times are coming to OMDU

    Some news for both the North American and EU communities currently enrolled in the Orcs Must Die! Unchained closed beta, there are some changes coming surrounding the times that the severs will be available for playing. Currently the OMDU servers have been available pretty much 24×7 except for patch days and scheduled maintenance. From November 10th (NA) / November 11th (EU) this will be changing and the servers will only be available during certain time windows.

    For North America this means:

    OMDU Closed Beta servers will only be available during specific times. This testing window will be between the hours of 6:00pm – 10pm Central (that’s 7pm – 11pm Eastern and 4pm – 8pm Pacific) on Thursday through Sunday. This means that when the servers go down on November 10, 2015, they will not return until November 12 at 6pm Central.

    And in the EU:

    The servers will be available 7pm – Midnight CET from Thursday through Sunday. So after the game goes down, the first time you will be able to play is on Thursday November 12th which we will open with the usual Thursday stream from FaTeReLLa

    Why the change?

    One of the challenges of having a closed beta test is that the pool of players is very small. This can make it tricky to matchmake for games (especially siege) as it can be difficult to find a group of players online at the same time in amongst a small player-base. By keeping the play-testing set to certain windows players will know when to log-in and should find it easier to matchmake.

    There are other reasons for this change too as described on the OMDU website. Robot advise that they are looking to give testers more of a steer on what components the studio is most looking for feedback on at a given time and gather more specific feedback around that. According to the website:

    • We want to test specific aspects of OMDU as we polish them. We will provide information in the dashboard about what you should be testing each weekend as we close in on those time periods.
    • We want to gather your focused feedback. To help make that possible, we want to make getting matches more reliable. An added benefit to this change is that you will be able to matchmake with like-minded Orc slayers more easily.

    So remember from next week OMDU will be transitioning into the above closed beta testing windows. See you in-game!

    Spotlight On: Cremvursti & Dubioasa (Part 2)

    Following on from part 1 of our interview with our streaming couple Cremvursti & Dubioasa we now get Dubioasa’s answers on the same questions. Without further ado, here we go!

    The Basics

    Name: Cristina (in-game: Dubioasa)
    Age: 21
    Home Town: Cluj-Napoca, Romania


    • What do you both do by day?

    We’re Journalism students, away from our homes to study at the university, but we are too lazy to do that. I am an intern at the European Youth Capital (Cluj-Napoca is going to be that in 2015 xD) and I sometimes go there to write articles for the websites and to promote the city. If I could, I’d sleep all day long, like our cat, Skittles.
    Otherwise, we like to watch TV series while we eat. I love to cook and I`d stay all day in the kitchen preparing Italian food especially. Generally speaking, that’s our day: movies, OMDU, food and playing with the cat.

    • How did you first meet?

    We were in the first year at the university and we had a Facebook group. I posted an invitation to a concert I didn’t even wanted to attend, but he thought I like his kind of music and asked me out. I forgot about it and went out with my friends, and I felt embarrassed. So I asked him out next time. We dated for like a week, then he never left my house. It’s true, I have a nice apartment.

    • What made you want to start streaming?

    He said that it would be great, `cause I’m cute, not bitchy and annoying. Turns out that didn’t help a lot. I’m still a beginner at everything regarding games and streaming and I really feel uncomfortable being in front of the camera and talking by myself. Hope it’s not gonna be like that for too long.

    • Outside of OMD and streaming, what other things do you both do for fun?

    I like to dance a lot. I could dance for hours, it’s a thing I do to relax and to cheer up. Sometimes we go out with friends.

    • What are your highlights of 2014?

    Hmm, I think visiting Amsterdam and getting a new laptop were #1.

    • What are you doing over the New Year?

    Next year, we’d love to visit Germany during Gamescom. I really want to meet the OMDU community sometime. I’m very friendly and enthusiastic if it’s about people I have something in common with. Seriously, I want to make myself a Sorceress outfit and meet with everyone and play together. Ball & Chain costume may be a bit too large for me, heehee.

    • How did you discover OMD?

    It`s the first game I actually played recently. I used to play when I was little, but then I stopped. I have to give credits to Cremvursti for that. I said I might enjoy if he found some tower defense based games. He showed me OMD 2 and we played in co-op. Then we moved on to other games, but I just couldn’t. OMD is my love.

    • Which are your favourite heroes and why?

    Sorceress. I played with her in OMD 2 and I liked her. I tried Blackpaw but fed too much. Then I started with Ivy and Ball & Chain and I like them both. Still, I prefer long-ranged, otherwise I feed like a grandma.

    • If there was one thing that you would most like to see phase 2 bring to Unchained, what would it be?

    More maps and more heroes. And more traps. *breathing heavily.*

    • When can we see you streaming next?

    We’ll try to get back live from the beginning of January. Now I`m not in Cluj and my internet is not so great, but I hope asap. I love streaming and I hope to get better and less boring at it.


    Shout out

    • Is there anything you would like to say to all the OMD fans out there right now?
    I love you, guys. Devs, fans, from FaTeReLLa to Yolteotl, from Rimmon to CrystalStorm. Playing with you doesn’t feel like standing in front of the PC and wasting some time, but more like playing with friends from childhood. Hope it’s not a cheesy message to send. If it is, it’s okay, I’m a cheesy girl then.
    Remember you catch catch Cremvursti & Dubioasa on their Twitch channel. We’ll let you know when they are streaming next!
    Spotlight On: Cremvursti & Dubioasa (Part 1)

    We’re back with Fan Friday in 2015! As things start to fire back up at Robot and the new year gets into swing, its going to be an exciting next few months to be a Robot and OMD fan. We’re kicking things off with a special Fan Friday feature too with a double interview. Those in the EU community may recognize Cremvursti & Dubioasa as the couple that stream OMD over on their Twitch channel. They both found OMD together so we thought it only right to interview them both.

    Today we have Part 1 of the interview with Cremvursti and on Sunday we’ll be seeing Dubioasa’s take on the same questions. So lets find out a bit about them!

    The Basics

    • Name: Valentin (in-game: cremvursti)
    • Age: 21
    • Home Town: 20k ppl lill romanian town that translates as “fir tree”; moved to Cluj-Napoca, Romania, for studying purposes.


    • What do you both do by day?

    Well, we’re both studying Journalism, but given the fact that our schedule is pretty relaxed, we sit around doing lazy stuff around the house. This includes things like playing video games, watching movies or just hanging around with our cat Skittles :D.

    • How did you first meet?

    Haha… Dubi actually dumped me on our first date :D… she totally forgot that she had to go out with me (I asked her out on Facebook after seeing that she was in the same year with me studying journo (this happened about 2 years ago). She felt bad about it tho and asked me out a few days later. It went cool. Now I’m happy xD

    • What made you want to start streaming?

    I’ve been long planning on streaming, and this semester@uni we have a course in which we get graded based on the number of viewers we get on a website that we had to build. Looking back at it, it may have not been such a great idea, given the fact that it’s pretty hard to convince people to watch your stream on any other website than Twitch. But still, it made me think seriously about streaming. I asked Dubioasa about her 2cents on my idea, she agreed and here we are.

    • Outside of OMD and streaming, what other things do you both do for fun?

    Play /w Skittles, cook and drink Cola <3

    • What are your highlights of 2014?

    Hmm. Dunno for sure. Maybe the fact that I got a scholarship for good grades (which was totally unexpected, usually only Dubioasa gets that)… Also, it’s the year we started our streaming project, which hopefully we will be able to continue for quite a while. And also the fact that me and Dubi celebrated two years together <3

    • What are you doing over the New Year?

    Celebrating with Dubi, popping some champagne (Robby Bubble ftw xD)… something along those lines.

    • How did you discover OMD?

    I’ve read reviews about the first game AND the second, but never really tried it until I met Dubi. I bought two copies of OMD! 2 and played it in co-op with her (it was actually our first co-op game played together <3)… that happened either late 2012 or early 2013.

    • Which are your favourite heroes and why?

    When I started playing I mained Hogarth. He was the type of hero that I play in MOBAs (bulky, physical, melee). Then I started noticing how OP is Stinkeye in defense and this, coupled with the fact that Dubi usually plays Sorc, made me choose him as my main. That way we can both play in defense and coordinate our actions.

    • If there was one thing that you would most like to see phase 2 bring to Unchained, what would it be?

    If we’re talking about game mechanics or content… I’m not quite sure… maybe more heroes. But the ONE THING I’d like to see from phase 2 is more players. This game has a huge potential of being “the next big thing” and if it reaches at least half of it, I’m going to be very happy :D

    • When can we see you streaming next?

    Probably on the 3rd of January (I think FaTeReLLa will stream on the 2nd, so we won’t try to compete with her :P). Seeing as how we had mild success with the stream, we’re probably going to try and set up a fixed schedule of OMD! Unchained streams (probably about twice per week, at least up until Phase 2).


    Shout out

    To all the OMD fans: if you haven’t played Unchained, you seriously have to. Don’t let words like “free-to-play”, “multiplayer” or “MOBA-like” stand between you and a great game.

    Also, we’d like to thank everybody that has watched our stream. Hopefully you found us entertaining. If not, come again soon, we work really hard on improving the “fun factor” of our stream, but it’s a lot easier when you have viewers with whom to chat and have a laugh.

    Stay tuned to see Dubioasa’s take on these interview questions on Sunday!