• Orcs Must Die! Unchained impresses at PAX East

    Last week Robot Entertainment were out in full force at PAX East in Boston to show off Orcs Must Die! Unchained to the masses. Robot set up camp with a massive display with their OMDU booth along with 30 stations combined of 20 survival stations and 10 siege stations all equipped with the latest gear from the likes of Alienware, Cybertron and Razer. The large overhead display showed matches currently in progress and Marketing Manager Justin “SixOkay” Korthof provided running commentary of what was going down.

    The Robot team was further bolstered by Gameforge staff and also a number of community fans. Juicy, RoyalFino, Chel, RyuShinomori, Astraea, Taroth and Boom were at the booth providing additional engagement and support to help players. It’s great to see the community come together at events like this. Moltenink was also on the scene and provided some excellent additional match commentary with SixOkay. We hear he was quite the talented commentator!

    Art Drop

    The Art Drop was back from last year too. Harmonia and K2-D2 were on a mission to hide the various art pieces created by hand from Robot’s own artists around the venue. Those lucky enough to find one of the art drops were able to not only keep the fantastic art, but were able to pick up a swag bag is they brought it back to the booth. Here is K2-D2 subtly hiding this piece:

     Orcs Must Live!

    We all know that orcs must die, but did you know there is a group out there that actually supports Orcs? Thats right, there is the ‘Center for Orc Tolerance and Understanding‘ or COTY for short. This group specialise in helping raising the awareness or Orcs and how they can integrate into normal life. Check out this video by Rooster Teeth to help gain understanding on these interesting principles:

    The Orcs Must Live! campaign were in full force at PAX East holding placards and even breaking out into dance!

    Don’t worry though, they were soon sorted out courtesy of the Boston Police Department.

    Best PvP and Best MOBA at show

    With so much going on at PAX East from Robot Entertainment it is important not to forget about the game. The OMDU booth enjoyed constant activity and was always bustling with people wanting to play. MMO Games commented on OMDU by awarding the title not one, but two awards – Best PvP and Best MOBA. Here is what they had to say:

    Hands-on, OMDU has some of the most agile controls I’ve laid hands on, letting anyone jump in feet first and get to playing without too much trouble. The ebb and flow of the game kept players on their toes and the action high, and the overall sense of fun kept things competitive yet upbeat. Orcs Must Die! Unchained has the ingredients to become a stable of PvP gaming.

    Check out the MMO Games website to see more of their thoughts on the MOBA elements.

    Another year, another PAX East. This year was a fantastic success from the Robot staff on the PAX floor, the community volunteers, the marketing efforts from the team at Rooster Teeth and of course, OMDU being a great game. It all came together for a memorable event. Check out the blog over at OrcsMustDie.com for more information on the event!


    Story Time With Fryedegg – The OMD! master narrates the complete comic book for your pleasure. (Art Included)

    Rumor is he is also working on a version of Goldie Locks and the three orcs.

    Exclusive Screen Shot from OMD! 2 – Interview to come later today

    Check out the below screenshot, exclusive to REF, here we can see one of the new enemies that we’ll be facing off with when OMD launches this Summer.


    Click the image for full resolution!!!

    The Ten Ton Gorilla put on some weight today

    Some of you may not be familiar with the blog that features art from the staff at Robot Entertainment. The Ten Ton Gorilla was updated earlier today and has some great art that was made during one of their “Themed Projects”


    Robot’s Chris Moffitt shares some personal art with fans

    Robot character artist Chris "MUPPETMAN" Moffitt was kind enough to share some of his personal art with us this week. When he’s not working on great games at Robot Entertainment, he also does all types of sketches and other pieces of art. We hope to spend some time soon and interview Chris about the process of creating characters for video games. Chris also has a personal website where you can check out more of his work. Just go to http://www.chrismoffitt.com/