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    What the press have been saying about Age of Empires 3…

    Microsoft Game Studios revitalized the real-time strategy genre with the original Age of Empires.  The series has consistently worked to push the genre in new and exciting directions.
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    “Ensemble Studios, the developer, has really gone against the grain with this one, because this site isn’t boring.”
    Game Spot
    Age of Empires III continues to look like a solid and visually attractive game that will offer plenty of depth in the form of its persistent home cities.
    Voodoo Extreme
    Coolest looking real-time-strategy game – Age of Empires 3 — Actually seeing how the physics were built into the gameplay was pretty neato and the game engine itself was rather inspired.
    Age of Empires 3 is going to be your RTS daddy.
    Age of Empires III is beyond comparison — I felt bad for all the other real-time strategy games on the floor.
    Computer Gaming World
    “Developer Ensemble Studios is pulling out all the stops here, leading the next generation of RTS games with what many consider to be the biggest name in the genre.”
    Age of Empires III:The latest entry in one of the most popular real-time strategy series ever produced…”
    The Mercury News
    “Microsoft’s Ensemble Studios proved that there is life after “Half-Life 2” for graphics fans. The mesmerizing look of Ensemble’s upcoming “Age of Empires 3” shows that it’s possible to push 3-D graphics in new directions.”
    Pocket Factory
    “AOE III takes the series to a whole new level, and offers a completely new graphical environment. The graphics are simply amazing! If the finished product looks this good, Microsoft has another hit on its hands.”
    “Scores of soldiers blasted 30 feet into the air by a cannonball. Clock towers getting their top blown off. The environments are the richest ever done for an RTS, and perhaps any genre.”
    Yahoo Games
    “We all knew it was coming, now Age of Empires is going to conquer the New World…”
    “The screenshots we’ve seen look too good to be true.”
    “Simply by virtue of its announcement, Age of Empires III instantly became one of the most anticipated PC games of 2005.”
               “Ensemble has single-handedly introduced a fresh style to the RTS genre…”