• The 24 hour OMDU stream is coming

    Believe it or not there is a 24 hour stream of OMDU taking place tomorrow on Twitch. Streamer xN4LxHandyMan is going to be streaming Unchained from dawn until dusk tomorrow, July 24th. This will no doubt be quite an accomplishment! Be sure to pop by and say hello.

    Kenny “Gamer” Newell featured on the The Game Chasers

    If you ever doubted Kenny’s gaming credentials you really should think again. If achieving some of the highest Orcs Must Die combos wasn’t enough you should really check out Kenny’s absolutely pure awesome video game and console collection. The Game Chasers hit a gold mine when they visited the residence of our own Kenny Newell where they discovered some of the most classic and pristine condition games and consoles including a boxed Channel F, the first every programmable ROM cartridge based game console.

    Check out the below video of Kenny’s collection on The Game Chasers from about 9 minutes in. Being an ultimate Robot Fan he of course sports the official Robot Entertainment cap, the Little R Cap!