• Co-op partners OMD2

    Hey guys and girls! OMD2 is out this summer, and I know some of you already found co-op partners! Unfortunately none of my friends (Now I might concider whether they are friends or not!) play OMD, or have any intention of playing OMD2. So, I am in need of a co-op partner during this summer! It would be great fun. I'd like to find a partner who's up for Skype, since conversations and cry-outs is always fun while gaming! Any sort of Orc-killing experience is fine. All I'm up for is a good laugh, despite I soon cleared OMD with 5 skulls on highest difficulty. My timezone is UTC/GMT +1 hour - but I'm planning on gaming during the evening/night, so if someone's who's playing daytime wanna join me, that's also cool. If others have already settled co-ops, or are looking for partners, feel free to use the same thread :) - And if you wish to share your awesome team, or if you have a good story about it as well. Feel free to discuss!

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