• Fun Little 16 Player Tournament

    Hey all...I'm putting together a 16-person tournament just to get my feet wet in running them. The standard league rules will be observed except for the inactive rule. If a player is inactive for 2 days they will forfeit the match (you will still be able to finish the match for league purposes, but the idle player is out of the tourney). All match results should be reported to the league as well as me for the tourney bracket. My hopes are that eventually we can have a regular tournament or even multiple tournaments based on rating levels ie players less than 1100, 1100-1350, 1350+ or something like that. All of that said - if you'd like to sign up for this fun little 16 person tourney send me a message on here in the following format: In-Game Name: Rating in this League: Challonge! Username: (optional) The bracket link and rules will be available on this forum as soon as 16 people sign up. It will be hosted on the Challonge! website so if you have a Challonge! account you can give me your name, but it's not required. I'll add you to the tourney pool in the order I receive the messages. Let's get the ball rolling and see what this turns into!

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