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      I just put together a guide with some handy tips for Hero Academy. Check it out at http://thejamesreview.com/hero-academy-strategy-1/

      I’ve got a Council-specific guide ready for tomorrow, and a Dark Elves guide in the works for later this week.

      Can’t get enough of this game!

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      I’ve put together another guide, this time covering The Council. If you’d like some ideas for playing the Council, or fighting against them, give it a read! If you’ve got any cool ideas you’d like to see me throw in, leave a comment.


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      Hey! Those guides look great! Lots of detail 🙂

      I’ll put a link to them on the Hero Academy pages!

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      Thanks for the guide. I’m fairly new to Hero Academy and I unfortunately don’t have much time on my hands to figure it all out myself, so these guides will definetly come in handy!

      Thanks a lot for taking your time and effort in making these 🙂

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      This is a really small point that could be added to your section on pre-scrolling – it is extremely dangerous ot pre-scroll against Dark Elves. Even though its a waste of 5 AP, using the healer debuff against a pre-scroll is delightfully evil.

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      @JimHero, you mean it’s dangerous to pre-scroll against Shaolin right? Not trying to sound like a jerk, just don’t want people confused 🙂

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      btw to the OP: great guide, some great tips in there that I’ve only picked up after playing for a year. I especially like the “don’t overextend yourself to heal a unit to far away” suggestion. I’ve seen many foes use a potion or healer just to have that unit killed (and maybe stomped!) again.

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      It’s been a pleasure for me to try the guide and seems more great than I expected, thanks to this. Anyway, would also love to share some games we have created, check at http://www.igamesforgirls.com/cooking.


    Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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