• Welcome to the League!

    You are not far from playing Hero Academy against another level of competition. Hundreds of League members have played over 10,000 League games, but every week talented newcomers pop into the top ranks, and we hope and look forward to your joining them.

    First, head on over to our database to change your password and take a look around. Your initial database password is abcd — i.e. its different from your password to the web site — please change abcd to something else asap.

    You can get to the database either by the Hero Academy picture on the left (click League-Results for the database) or by clicking the Hero Academy League button on the right, then selecting database log in.

    Second, check out the New Members/Rules thread on the forums and READ IT IN FULL. This explains, among other things, how to get League games. If you use the Hero Academy picture on the left to get to the League, select ”League” to get to the forums. Our system is a bit to take in at first, and you may have questions. If you do have questions, post in the ”Contact an admin” thread on the message board. Have fun!

    All set?

    Remember – Your username is the same as your REF website login but your password is abcd until you change it from within the League.