• Orcs Must Die! Board Game – unboxing!

    Back in March last year, Petersen Games announced in collaboration with Robot Entertainment to launch the first Orcs Must Die! board game. The project went live on Kickstarter and was quickly funded within 24 hours of going live. The huge wave of passion for the board game saw Petersen Games add additional stretch goals. The result was a comprehensive offering of an awesome board game complete with two versions for the Order and Unchained and a raft of extra bonus heroes and boss packs.

    Looking awesome

    If you have been backing the campaign you will have no doubt been eager to have your board game delivered. The good news is that in todays Kickstarter update we now have some provisional shipping times for US based backers. Not only that we have our first look of the actual product in the flesh! Sandy has put together the first unboxing video showing both the Order and Unchained sets along with all the Kickstarter sweet sweet bonus content! Check out the unboxing video below to see the treats that will soon be heading your way in the mail!

    MMORPG talks with Chris Rippy about the future of OMDU

    MMORPG have interviewed Chris Rippy to talk about how things are shaping up with the re-work of OMDU following the announcement to focus on survival gameplay and head back to the OMD 1 & 2 roots. Spearking to MMORPG, Chris says:

    As much as we loved Siege, we made the tough call to devote our full focus to Survival.  I will say, since we’ve made the decision, the game has progressed by leaps and bounds. It feels great, we’re able to be more innovative, and I think fans of the franchise will be really happy with the results.

    It sounds like Robot are working really hard on the next major update to the game. Sure things are still quiet – but the great minds at Robot Entertainment are putting together all what they need to do for a great new OMDU Survival mode.

    MMORPG: Once the change happens, where does the game go from here? How will it grow and evolve as a live service over time now?

    CR: We’ve got a lot planned.  Certainly you’ll see more maps, minions, heroes, and gear, but we have bigger plans than just that.  Without being specific, we definitely want to bring more story into the game soon.  We’ve also got some great plans around new ways to play the game that we’re really excited about.  Of course, everything we add to the game will support the core OMD! Experience. We’ve got some great stuff coming soon!

    There is alot to get excited about! Be sure to check out the full interview on MMORPG on the link below. They also have some sweet new OMDU screenshots!

    Moving forwards with Orcs Must Die! Unchained

    Things have been a bit quiet over the last month or so, both here and at Robot HQ. The silence is usually a sign of big news to come and this is no exception. Today Robot Entertainment has announced how the studio plans to move forward with Orcs Must Die! Unchained following the recent Open Beta. There is some important news here about the future of the game.

    The big news

    Open Beta is about collecting feedback from players, the community and looking at the data. As players play the game data is collected which tells Robot what people like to play and combined with feedback on forums and reviews helps shape the final game based on players needs. Unfortunately after very careful review the decision has been made to stop work on the PvP Siege mode. This is absolutely not the end of OMDU, instead the Survival mode will now get the studios’ 100% focus. Siege and Survival modes have long been battling against other for studio resources. Balancing the heroes abilities, traps for both modes was becoming very difficult and has been slowing overall development progress for the game.

    However the research from the data, the players has shown that there is more demand for gameplay closer to the classic OMD1 and 2 tower defense style. Robot have been working on the Siege mode for a number of years, rest assured that after all this time this decision is certainly not one that has been taken lightly. It is unfortunate but by focussing on making Survival a great game mode ensures solid foundations for OMDU with a strong community of players who can pick up the game and have great fun. Something we all want to see. This is not necessarily the end of PvP play for the long term, it is still open to returning. It will not be in the form that we see right now though.

    There will no doubt be many disappointing Siege players reading this news, especially those who have been supporting game from the outset where Siege mode was the main component. For those players I say stick with it. Stick with the game as Robot moves forwards with Survival. What we see with Survival today is not how the game will be looking next patch. The studio has invested all its manpower in the new Survival mode. It’s going to be a big push with a lot of great content coming up. OMDU is heading to its roots. With the foundations in place it is important to remember that OMDU is built to scale, to adapt to new ideas and game modes later down the line. Getting a great Survival mode in place is just the start.

    Keeping engaged

    Robot Entertainment continues to listen to the community to get the best outcomes for the majority of players. Be sure to check out the full blog post on the Orcs Must Die! website to learn more about the reasoning and the plan ahead.  There will also be an Insider Access tomorrow with Robot CEO Patrick Hudson and Executive Producer Chris Rippy. That’s at the usual time of 3PM CT. Ian Fischer, AKA “Morther” will also be taking to Reddit with an AMA on Thursday September 22nd. You can catch the Reddit right here:

    Siege mode will be removed from the game with the next update, which so far does not have a confirmed release date. Stay tuned for more news.

    Worms WMD ‘All Stars’ is out now featuring OMDU

    If you are a fan of the infamous Worms series, Team 17 have a treat for Orcs Must Die! Unchained fans. As part of featuring various indie and mainstream games, the new Worms game features three OMDU inspired Worms styles – Max, Gabby and Blackpaw plus an awesome unique attack called “Minions” where minions spawn on the map and take to decimating enemy worms. The game is plenty fun!

    Check out the trailer below and you can pick the game up on pretty much any platform, console and PC via Steam, Xbox One, PS4.

    Orcs Must Die! meets Worms W.M.D

    Worms W.M.D the next title in the popular and long running Worms series by Team 17 will play host to a number of ‘all stars’ featuring skins and weapons from various indie games. Games such as Rocket League, Goat Simulator, The Escapists and more will feature in the new game. Along with these the Orcs Must Die! franchise will also be paying a visit.

    Worms fans can enjoy playing as Maximilan, Gabby and Blackpaw all in worm form along with a sweet OMDU inspired weapon “minions” where a hoard of minions take to the battle field to attack your foes.

    The game is available later this month, August 23rd and celebrates the 21st anniversary of Worms. The game has a new art style and engine tweaked to provide classic physics. To get a feel for the game you can check out todays stream on Twitch where the bots from Robot Entertainment went up against Team 17 staff. Check that out below:

    The game can be pre-ordered right now and you can pre-order with the “all stars” pack to get the OMDU content and much more. Check out for the details!

    Queen Momma – Bionka returns to OMDU – Patch 1.3 Live today!

    Today, Orcs from all over the globe will be celebrating as their majesty Queen Bionka returns to the battlefield to support the Unchained. Players from the closed beta may recognise Bionka as “Ball and Chain” who appeared briefly in closed beta phase 1. Astute Orcs Must Die! fans may also remember her from Orcs Must Die! 2 where she was introduced in the “Family Ties” DLC.

    Following the trend of other heroes who have returned to OMDU, she has been given the full re-design experience with a new set of abilities and skills. Similar to Bloodspike who works well being near to his minions, Bionka shares the benefit in a similar way but instead of feeding on their pain, the motherly Bionka supports her minions and gains up to 20% healing re-generation when around them. By singing a lullaby with her “shift” ability friendly minions reduce their damage taken as part of the damage is redirected to the queen herself. She also packs a wallop with her heavy mace which can be swing at enemies for wide area damage or slammed down for much larger damage in a more specific area. Her “E” ability, “BEAT DEM BACK” packs a major punch and allows Bionka to use her flail to knock-back enemies great distances. Your enemies will be in for a surprise, similar to Zoey’s “Book Bash”.

    With her “Bionka Bounce” ability her weight comes to her advantage as she jumps in the air and lands on the ground causing nearby enemies to be thrown in the air, stunning them briefly. Great for setting up combos against minions or allowing others to finish off an enemy hero. This ability can be upgraded via weavers to for example, add damage.

    Bionka is also equipped with an interesting glyph, the ‘Orcish Field Promotion” glyph.  This is something different than what we have seen before. When placed this glyph upgrades any Orcs that pass over it to the next tier. For instance light orcs become medium orcs, and medium orcs become heavy orcs – a type of orc not otherwise available in PvP mode! The glyph has a limited number of promotions it can give before it disappears. It can be replaced, however. This is a good example of something a bit more different that can be achieved with glyphs.

    Bionka overview video

    To see more about Bionka’s redesign check out Nananea’s Bionka overview video below!

    More more more…

    Of course, Bionka isnt the only change coming in this patch, in usual Robot style its a jam-packed patch full of new content.

    New survival Maps

    As previously shown on Insider Access there are two new survival maps landing this patch from the OMD classic “The Baths” to Bionka’s “Throne Room“.

    5-star Skull system for survival maps

    Remember those 5-skulls you could earn in previous OMD games for beating the level in par time without losing rift points? They make a return in OMDU in the form of the 5-skull system. Are you brave enough to try to 5-skull all the levels? Beware… 5-skulls might be harder than you think!


    The first pass at a new guilds system is now in patch 1.3. Players can form groups of friends who can play together, chat and earn guild points which unlock special rewards.

    Patch now!

    With so much to see and do be sure to open you game client now and download this latest and greatest patch. See you in-game!

    A look inside the Throne Room

    Following on from ‘The Baths‘ the next new smaller survival map heading to Orcs Must Die! Unchained is the ‘Throne Room’. As revealed on last weeks Insider Access the Throne Room is home to one famous Orc in particular.. closed beta OMDU players may remember a playable hero Orc ‘Ball and Chain‘ who looks set to make a return next patch with her own survival map. It will be interesting to see what new things lay in wait  following her hero re-work. Fans should be sure to tune into this weeks Insider Access where details could well be revealed!

    Ball and Chain is set to make a return to OMDU soon.

    Her map not only features a throne room but also features a rather large swinging mace that can be triggered by both ranged and melee heroes by hitting a switch. When pressed the huge ball comes flying across the bridge, decimating any minions in its path.

    You can see more of the map including insider details from Paul Slusser about the art and its design speaking alongside Justin “SixOkay” Korthof on last weeks Insider Access shown below.