• New Image album and info about Hero Academy acquired

    Thanks to Robot  fan Zombo  we got some screenshots and information about hero academy. Browse this album and enjoy.

    Info about game play mechanics of Hero Academy

    A Canadian fan and member of the Robot forums “Zombo” enlightened the rest of the world to some of the game play mechanics of Hero Academy. In a recent post he put the following:

    “You get five moves per turn, any action you make counts as one move. Moving a unit, healing him with a potion, attacking an enemy twice, and then putting another unit on the field would be a good example of spending those five moves. Alternatively, you could just smash an enemy in the face five times (most likely killing it) and end your turn that way. That’s five moves too! Units can be revived with potions or spells if they’re knocked out. A cleric can revive a unit if it’s in range and bring him back with a sliver of health, maybe spend a few more moves healing him to full even. This game is basically super crazy chess. There’s a TON of different stuff you could do on your turn with the moves you have.

    If you knock out an enemy and move onto his tile you can remove him from the field permanently, this is great if your opponent just keeps reviving a particularly annoying unit over and over, but you have to consider that moving onto his tile uses up an extra move which could otherwise have been used to retreat/advance/heal/etc. If you’re up against a Dark Elf team there’s more stuff to watch out for, their mages for example can scoop up your dead and bring them back as phantoms!”

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    x12 Achieved in normal OMD! gameplay

    The first ever x12 combo was recently achieved by Robot forum member Doc Shmok. Here is a link to the video he  provided of the accomplishment. 

    Hero Academy soon to be released globally

    Good news! Hero Academy will be releasing globally next week! Reserve your nickname by creating an account at today!

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