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Insider Access with the artists at Robot Entertainment

If you missed todays Insider Access stream you will have missed out on an excellent video between new Assistant Community Manager Kristen Fuller and Robot Entertainment artists Bart “Yellow King” Tiongson and Dave “kube” Kubalak.

The interview talked us through the early years of both Bart and Dave’s careers, who are both ex Ensemble Studios staff through to their career today at Robot Entertainment. From 12:30 in the stream a demonstration is shown of how the Ball and Chain hero was digitally concepted. The interview is well worth the watch, particularly for those interested in the art field.

Watch live video from OrcsMustDie on Twitch

Sorcery revealed in yesterdays OMDU stream featuring the Sorceress

If you didn’t catch this weeks official OMDU stream you would have missed out on the game-play video stream of the Sorceress. She is the other hero alongside the War Mage who has been previously playable in OMD games which means all future streams will feature the brand new characters. Exciting stuff. If you missed out on the stream you can catch the replay right here:


So what did we learn about the Sorceress in OMDU? Well largely she retains the same gameplay style for her primary attack as in OMD2 with her rapid fire magical bolt from her staff. Her secondary weapon allows her to mesmerize enemy minions around her so that they stop moving or attacking, at least, until the minions take damage, then the mesmerization is broken. She also enjoys a very useful passive ability which means that enemy minions won’t attack her unless she attacks first. This is useful when she navigates across the level.

The Sorceress has two other abilities, one is teleportation which allows her to teleport backwards slightly should she find herself in a tricky position. Her second ability activates all traps in front of her regardless of whether they are enemy or friendly and regardless of any cool down state they may be in. The only point to note that when she uses this ability the traps will have a longer than usual cool down time afterwards. Oh and when she uses this ability she is also invincible for a short time which is certainly a nifty bonus allowing her to pass through safely.

She also almost had a costume face lift, below we can see one of the concepts by artist Bart Tiongson, however in game at the moment she retains a very similar look as she had in OMD2 and retains her purple get up.

Overall the Sorceress plays pretty much as you might expect considering her play style in OMD2. Her main abilities come from controlling minions and traps by means of mesmerize and setting off traps. She is a ranged character with her staff and she can be played equally well on offence or on defence however her abilities make her most effective when near traps or minions.

Win a media pass signed by the Robot Devs from RTX 2012!!


Want to win a cool collectors item from the Robot Team at RTX 2012? After all of the fun and interviews, the Robot team was kind enough to autograph a couple of my media credentials. The Pass was signed by Justin “Sixoay” Korthof-Community Manager, David Kubalak – Art Director, Nate “N8” Stefan – Concept Artist, and Bart Tiongson -Concept Artist.

The guys swore that wearing the pass will add +10% damage to any Hero Academy units attack and increase you head shot percentage in OMD2. This may just be an urban myth, but it’s worth a try.

To win one just email me at kenny@robotentertainmentfans.com or send me a tweet to @kennygamer and say “enter me for the pass contest”. We will pick a winner at random.

Later, Kenny