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First proof of the x12 in OMD2

Radiokenny and Rogotin are chasing rainbows again. The two expert OMD players provided proof of the first known x12 since the release of the Orcs Must Die 2. I wonder how long until x13? ¬†or if it’s possible?

Here is a link to the screenshot. First Published x12

X14 Finally Accomplished. Videos From HungryHungryHippo and Radiokenny

Just a few days after Radiokenny shared the x14 position with the community, It was finally accomplished. HungryHungyHippo and Radiokenny used a slightly modded version of Radkenny’s “T” Trapset to get it. HHH adjusted the ballista positions and swapped a push trap for a Floorburner and Bingo. Here are two videos showing the accomplishment.

Radiokenny Shows the x14 position

Want to try to pull of an x14 combo. Here is where you can do it.