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Insider Access – Robot talks War Mage, The Master, Sir Winston and Bloodspike

This week on the Insider Access stream over on the official Twitch channel saw community manager Justin Korthof (SixOkay) sit down with Art Director Dave Kubalak (Kube) and designer Jerome Jones (Bugs911) to talk about some of the hero designs in OMDU. the War Mage, Master, Sir Winston and Bloodspike took center stage this time around.Each of these heroes as it happens, had origins from previous games in the OMD series. Bloodspike was first considered a boss fight in OMD2 where he would be in a mine cart throwing dynamite.

The name “Sir Winston” also has a very interesting past. It all goes back to this YouTube video by level player “Sips”. When he encountered the paladin he called the paladin “Winston”. Later in the game when he was able to place paladins on the map he called them “Sons of Winston”. This became a running theme in his videos all from there on all the way through OMD2. Robot decided to name their Dark Paladin concept Sir Winston as a nod to Sip’s YouTube videos. If you skip to 1:40 on the video below you can hear Sip’s first mention of Winston!

During the rest of the Insider Access interview we get to see tons of concept art never seen before and even some sneak peaks at some awesome new skins coming out soon.

Along with some Q&A on the Twitch chat and some answers to some forum threads this insider access is once again well worth watching. Check it out on the video below!

Watch live video from OrcsMustDie on Twitch

Insider Access with the artists at Robot Entertainment

If you missed todays Insider Access stream you will have missed out on an excellent video between new¬†Assistant Community Manager Kristen Fuller and Robot Entertainment artists Bart “Yellow King” Tiongson and Dave “kube” Kubalak.

The interview talked us through the early years of both Bart and Dave’s careers, who are both ex Ensemble Studios staff through to their career today at Robot Entertainment. From 12:30 in the stream a demonstration is shown of how the Ball and Chain hero was digitally concepted. The interview is well worth the watch, particularly for those interested in the art field.

Watch live video from OrcsMustDie on Twitch

Robot Fans Interviews David Kubalak about the new TF2 team in Hero Academy. Exclusive footage from RTX.

We were able to catch up with the Robot Team at RTX 2012. We have a series of interviews to be released over the next few days. Here is a first look at Hero Academy :TF2 team in action.