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Kenny Newell interviews Tony Goodman – founder of Ensemble and Robot

Robot Fans audio interview extraordinaire Kenny Newell has recently been invited to an interview by Tony Goodman in his own home over dinner. In case you don’t know, Tony Goodman one of the key founders of Ensemble Studios and served as CEO and Studio Head for the lifetime of Ensemble Studios. He then went on to head up and create Robot Entertainment after Ensemble closed its doors.

If you ever wondered how Robot Entertainment came to form, and how it came about that they started working on Age of Empires Online your going to want to check out this fantastic interview between Kenny and Tony Goodman. You can also find out about Tony’s brand new venture, PeopleFun and their first game  – Word Chums!

Listen now:



Win a media pass signed by the Robot Devs from RTX 2012!!


Want to win a cool collectors item from the Robot Team at RTX 2012? After all of the fun and interviews, the Robot team was kind enough to autograph a couple of my media credentials. The Pass was signed by Justin “Sixoay” Korthof-Community Manager, David Kubalak – Art Director, Nate “N8” Stefan – Concept Artist, and Bart Tiongson -Concept Artist.

The guys swore that wearing the pass will add +10% damage to any Hero Academy units attack and increase you head shot percentage in OMD2. This may just be an urban myth, but it’s worth a try.

To win one just email me at kenny@robotentertainmentfans.com or send me a tweet to @kennygamer and say “enter me for the pass contest”. We will pick a winner at random.

Later, Kenny

RTX 2012- Justin Korthof: Orcs Must Die 2 and Hero Academy

Robot Fans interviews Justin Korthof about Orcs Must Die 2 and Hero Academy on Steam. Kenny tries to bribe Justin with comic books for more information about the TF2 team that will be released August 8th.


Robot Fans Interviews David Kubalak about the new TF2 team in Hero Academy. Exclusive footage from RTX.

We were able to catch up with the Robot Team at RTX 2012. We have a series of interviews to be released over the next few days. Here is a first look at Hero Academy :TF2 team in action.


Videos and Interviews from day one of RTX coming soon

Even Mario stopped by to play the new TF2 Team for Hero Academy and Orcs Must Die 2. More pics and videos one the way!

Kenny “Gamer” Newell featured on the The Game Chasers

If you ever doubted Kenny’s gaming credentials you really should think again. If achieving some of the highest Orcs Must Die combos wasn’t enough you should really check out Kenny’s absolutely pure awesome video game and console collection. The Game Chasers hit a gold mine when they visited the residence of our own Kenny Newell where they discovered some of the most classic and pristine condition games and consoles including a boxed Channel F, the first every programmable ROM cartridge based game console.

Check out the below video of Kenny’s collection on The Game Chasers from about 9 minutes in. Being an ultimate Robot Fan he of course sports the official Robot Entertainment cap, the Little R Cap!