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RTX 2012- Justin Korthof: Orcs Must Die 2 and Hero Academy

Robot Fans interviews Justin Korthof about Orcs Must Die 2 and Hero Academy on Steam. Kenny tries to bribe Justin with comic books for more information about the TF2 team that will be released August 8th.


Robot Fans will be at RTX next Saturday!

Keep your eyes open for exclusive interviews and footage next week from Robot Fans. We will be getting video footage of Orcs Must Die 2 and the upcoming Steam version of Hero Academy at RTX in Austin, Texas. If fans have any requests or questions that you want me to ask the devs, just send me an email or message.


Twitter @kennygamer


Robot Fans will be covering Orcs Must Die 2 at PAX

Robot Fans own top notch reporter Fryedegg will be covering PAX this weekend and sending exclusive footage, interviews, pictures and other information about OMD2! Check us out this weekend for continuing updates and coverage.  We will post it on the front page as it arrives.

Exclusive Screen Shot from OMD! 2 – Interview to come later today

Check out the below screenshot, exclusive to REF, here we can see one of the new enemies that we’ll be facing off with when OMD launches this Summer.


Click the image for full resolution!!!

Hero Academy is coming to Android and other news

In this week’s MMM blog entry, Robot’s Community Manager Justin Korthof verified that Hero Academy would indeed be coming to Android. He also gave a nod to Robot Fans. Justin even used the term “proper” in referring to us. I guess that means we have some street cred.

 Read the full blog entry here