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Get a first look at the new tutorial with insider access!

Earlier this week on the Twitch stream was the second of the Insider Access streams. Last week saw us chat to Robot artists Bart Tiongson and Dave Kubalak. This week, community manager SixOkay is sitting down with Robot Entertainment newbie designer “Danger Mike” to discuss the new tutorial that will soon be making its way to the beta masses.

No doubt one of the gripes at the moment from OMDU regulars is the incoming swarm of new players who have struggled to grasp some of the key things about the game before starting matchmaking. In particular things like not spending leadership points, closing gates, putting traps in the wrong places etc. As of right now it has been difficult for new players to find out how to play owing to the current tutorial being very basic. Danger Mike is new to Robot Entertainment and his task his to create a brand new, engaging tutorial system for players. On the Insider Access stream we get our first look of his hard work so far. Lets check it out!

As you can see from the video it looks like Danger Mike is doing an excellent job on the tutorial so far. We learn that the tutorial as seen above will be mandatory before players can get into their first game. However as a bonus players will gain experience as well for completing it. We also learn that there will be a number of other optional tutorials as well for players to get to grips with some of the finer details. As such the tutorial above just covers what Robot believes to be the core basic principles of the game.

What do you think about the new tutorial proposals? REF wants to know! Have your say in our poll!

Nananea hired by Robot to spearhead Twitch streams

Some excellent community news has been announced by SixOkay over on the OMDU forums. Robot have hired Nananea to spearhead Twitch streams going forward and I am sure you will agree that this is fantastic news. Quoting SixOkay from the announcement post:

I’m excited to announce that we’ve hired Nananea to spearhead our efforts over on Twitch. Starting next week, we’re going to have a ton more streams, including new shows and new opportunities to interact with the game and the developers at Robot Entertainment. We’ll be announcing the new schedule very soon, and we’ll be back on the air before you know it.

Nananea has been dedicated to OMDU with her community stream every Thursday and has also created those awesome hero and how to play videos that you can see on the OMDU dashboard.

I’m sure all fans will be congratulating Nananea on this excellent appointment. Be sure to check out the thread over on the forums and expect more Twitch streaming coming soon!


Streaming news

Just a quick update on OMDU Twitch Streams. Tonight was the second Orcs After Dark feature was held this time for the EU community. It was a ton of fun and saw both SixOkay and FaTeReLLa hosting the stream whilst the EU community fought against Robot staff in a number of matches. Its great to see developers taking the time to play with the community. Robot pretty much won hands down versus the community, EU will need to try harder to beat them next time!

A TON of alpha access codes were given away on the chat. Congratulations to everyone who scored access codes. It’ll be great to see you in-game. If you didnt manage to get a key this time always keep an eye out on upcoming streams as keys are often given-away. Don’t forget – for anyone who took part and played a match tonight during the Orcs After Dark event you will be getting an alpha access code sent to you via email shortly to be shared with a friend!

If you missed out you can catch up on the stream below.

Watch live video from OrcsMustDie on TwitchTV

Thursday Stream

Nananea’s Thursday stream is currently scheduled to go ahead, subject to the servers being available. If you tuned into the Tuesday stream it was indicated that the Thursday stream would not be going ahead. Never fear, Nananea is back in action and all going well the stream should be going ahead this Thursday as normal.

Deck building is now available in OMDU Alpha

A new patch has been uploaded today for Unchained alpha testers. This patch introduces a key OMDU feature – deck building! This is no doubt something that the early-access community has been excited about for some time. Players can now build their own custom decks to take into battle. Players can create decks based on traps, minions, glyphs and weavers. It looks like this:

(Click to enlarge)

Even in its first alpha released form the deck builder is very simple and easy to use. Players just click on the cards they want to use and they are added to the deck which can be seen towards the top of the screen. Players can mix and match between the Order and the Unchained when it comes to minions with plenty of diverse choices available. Captions for minions are complete with OMD humour!

(Click to enlarge)

The deck building system allows players to have a number of pre-set decks so that players can choose the deck they want to take into battle at the character selection screen. The system is looking brilliant so far and will only get better as development progresses. We’ll be taking a look at some of these cards in the coming weeks here on REF.

In the meanwhile to get a glimpse of the deck builder in action be sure to check out the community twitch stream tonight at 7PM CT (convert your timezone) over at http://www.twitch.tv/orcsmustdie. Nananea and SixOkay will be on hand to demonstrate the system and answer questions in the Twitch chat. See you there!

Sorcery revealed in yesterdays OMDU stream featuring the Sorceress

If you didn’t catch this weeks official OMDU stream you would have missed out on the game-play video stream of the Sorceress. She is the other hero alongside the War Mage who has been previously playable in OMD games which means all future streams will feature the brand new characters. Exciting stuff. If you missed out on the stream you can catch the replay right here:


So what did we learn about the Sorceress in OMDU? Well largely she retains the same gameplay style for her primary attack as in OMD2 with her rapid fire magical bolt from her staff. Her secondary weapon allows her to mesmerize enemy minions around her so that they stop moving or attacking, at least, until the minions take damage, then the mesmerization is broken. She also enjoys a very useful passive ability which means that enemy minions won’t attack her unless she attacks first. This is useful when she navigates across the level.

The Sorceress has two other abilities, one is teleportation which allows her to teleport backwards slightly should she find herself in a tricky position. Her second ability activates all traps in front of her regardless of whether they are enemy or friendly and regardless of any cool down state they may be in. The only point to note that when she uses this ability the traps will have a longer than usual cool down time afterwards. Oh and when she uses this ability she is also invincible for a short time which is certainly a nifty bonus allowing her to pass through safely.

She also almost had a costume face lift, below we can see one of the concepts by artist Bart Tiongson, however in game at the moment she retains a very similar look as she had in OMD2 and retains her purple get up.

Overall the Sorceress plays pretty much as you might expect considering her play style in OMD2. Her main abilities come from controlling minions and traps by means of mesmerize and setting off traps. She is a ranged character with her staff and she can be played equally well on offence or on defence however her abilities make her most effective when near traps or minions.

War Mage stream concludes and Moltenink crafts some orc art

Many fans joined SixOkay, Nananea and a number of bots in todays “The War Mage” stream. Two great games were played showing all of the War Mage’s capabilities who was expertly played by Mastermind (Justin Moe). If you missed out on the stream be sure to replay the stream on the Twitch channel. Its always a good idea to catch the stream live where you can as there is plenty of chat Q&A that goes on. On this occasion designer Jerome “Bugs911” Jones was in the chat helping to answer fan questions.

So what did we learn about the War Mage in this stream? Lets dig into the details:

  • The War Mage brings his trusty crossbow into the action as in previous OMD games. The left click shoots energy while the right click allows him to stun others with a reasonable area of effect.
  • His primary ability is called “Trust Me” which protects friendly units against traps allowing them to pass through enemy traps safely. Meanwhile it also affects enemy units who become more vulnerable to friendly traps.
  • The secondary ability is used to target other heroes or minions and damage done to the War Mage will instead be transferred to the targeted unit. Sneaky.
  • His stats make him a great choice for defending.
  • Other than that he is the same old trusty War Mage, complete with witty remarks!

In other news..

Moltenink has shared some awesome art on Twitter today. Moltenink is a digital animator who happens to be an OMDU alpha tester and shared this brilliant OMD inspired piece.

You can find out more about Moltenink at his website to see more of his art for other games and comics. http://www.moltenink.com/ 

SixOkay and Nananea are streaming OMDU tonight!

Be sure to tune in to the Orcs Must Die! Twitch channel tonight at 10PM EST (2AM GMT) to see video streaming extraordinaires Nananea and SixOkay discuss and demonstrate OMDU alpha gameplay.

Its all happening over at: http://www.twitch.tv/orcsmustdie – Don’t miss out! If you do, don’t worry it will be available to play again shortly afterwards. The previous PAX East demo stream is currently available to re-play if you missed it: