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    299? No way! I’m checking for wires.

    I know the studio is named Robot Entertainment, but this is ridiculous. I’ve met a few of the developers when visiting the Robot Entertainment studios and they “seem” to be human. I’ve never seen cyborg parts, bolts protruding from a neck, or wires hanging out of a shirt sleeve. They have always looked human on the surface…………… until yesterday.


    What changed yesterday? I watched a live streaming event of Orcs Must Die 2. During the session Robot revealed a new “Endless Mode” and other great additions to the upcoming orc slaying sequel. During the stream they showed fans new charms, new traps, a new skull system, new ragdoll effects, new animations, a new Co-op mode, new campaign, new defenses, new enemies, a new upgrade system, new skins, new chances for higher combos and tons more.

    After it was over…… I concluded.

    “It’s not humanly possible to make such a great game in just 299 days. These guys must be hybrid machines. It can’t be done by mere mortals!”
    OMD was released last October and the Robot team has already made amazing progress. During this small development window, fans have also seen the release of Hero Academy. The popular iOS game has additionally published two very polished expansion teams and recently announced a PC version of the game that will be available on the Steam platform in early August 2012.

    Is that all?……. Nope.

    Last week Yodo1 revealed the launch of its first major title, which will be an adapted version of Robot Entertainment’s Hero Academy especially for the Chinese mobile market. This move will expose Hero Academy to a growing Chinese mobile market that is reportedly 180 million people strong.


    So, while I’m at RTX this weekend getting footage of the new games and interviewing the developers. I will be looking for wires and other proof that the Robot guys are bionic creatures. Make sure that you check back in for details. 🙂


    New Orcs Must Die 2 screenshots – endless mode and spell book

    If you havnt been able to check out the 1 hour + live stream footage yesterday of the endless mode announcement in Orcs Must Die 2, or if you just want a viusual reminder of the goodies – Robot Entertainment has just released some new screenshots featuring both endless mode and the spell book.

    Feast your eyes on these brand new screenshots!

    Endless mode:

    Spell book:

    Endless Mode revealed in PC Gamer live stream!

    If you missed the PC Gamer live stream of the first reveal Orcs Must Die 2 endless mode then well, you’ll want to check out the below video to see it, albeit not so live! The video features PC Gamer battling the endless waves co-opping with Robot community manager Justin Korthof. The video is a whole 1 hour long, so be sure to crack out the popcorn.

    Watch live video from pcgamer’s channel on TwitchTV

    Endless Mode in Orcs Must Die 2 announced – Livestream on Thursday!

    It seems like every Orc killing fans dream is coming true with Orcs Must Die 2, not only do we have the highly requested Co-Op, PC Gamer have just confirmed that another highly requested feature –  an endless mode is also forthcoming!

    Endless mode is where players can fight wave after wave of Orcs until your hearts content, or until you are over-run with the Orc mob. PC Gamer have also announced that they will have their own exclusive live stream of the endless mode unveiling on Thursday at 11 AM PST. Mark your diaries, you don’t want to miss out on this!

    Check out the article over at PC Gamer for more information.

    Robot Fans will be at RTX next Saturday!

    Keep your eyes open for exclusive interviews and footage next week from Robot Fans. We will be getting video footage of Orcs Must Die 2 and the upcoming Steam version of Hero Academy at RTX in Austin, Texas. If fans have any requests or questions that you want me to ask the devs, just send me an email or message.


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