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    OMD2 Spellbook revealed!!!

    Joystiq.com has a great preview of the upcoming spellbook in OMD2! I see lots of squares for traps and other goodies. Take a look inside and if you are a high combo chaser, join the discussion about OMD 2 High Combo theory in the robot forums.


    Place your bets on the Hero Academy League – 16 Player Tournament

    @skeletonmaster ‘s 16 Player Tournament with some Hero Academy League players is now under way. Keep an eye on the developments as all the action unfolds below! Who will win?

    Over 1000 Robot Fans!

    I am pleased to announce that Robot Fans now has over 1000 members! Well.. 1001 members to be precise :). I’m glad to see a good number of sign ups from dedicated Robot fans and look forward to the site growing in the future.

    Robot Entertainment Fans is a community website at heart and if you ever have any ideas of things to post or any kind of fan made community ideas all you need to do is drop us a line and we look forward to turning your idea into reality!

    Thanks for signing up everyone!

    The Robot Entertainment progress report

    In this weeks MMM blog update Justin talks us through the current status of the “12 things to expect” that Robot made for the year ahead back in February. Pleasingly it looks like Robot should surely score a grade A for their efforts so far this year. A vast majority of the goals have already been realised!

    One of the interesting tidbits in the blog post is word of exclusive content coming up in the official Robot newsletter some time soon:

    We haven’t sent out any exclusive looks just yet, but we’re planning to very soon. Make sure that you’re signed up for the Robot Newsletter to be the first to know when big news comes out!

    Make sure you are definitely signed up to the Robot newsletter to make sure you are kept in the loop. Missing out on goodies is never fun!

    There is also word of a super secret “Red Pod”:

    You already know about the Green, Yellow, Blue, and Orange Pods at Robot Entertainment. This year we’ll introduce you to the Red Pod. You may not know it yet, but some quiet progress has already been made with Red Pod. Unfortunately, that’s about all we can say about that right now. 😉

    Should be interesting to hear more about this when the time comes. Meanwhile, we can ponder on what mysteries this new pod will bring..

    Check out the full blog post right here!


    Justin Korthof podcast interview with Seven Day Cooldown

    Robot Community Manager Justin “SixOkay” Korthof has popped up on the gaming podcast website Seven Day Cooldown. The hour long interview with Adam Crichton talks about a ton of stuff from both Orcs Must Die! and Hero Academy. The podcast includes details about the development of both games and what we can expect in the future. Plus some details about marketing and community management and all that goodness. Oh and our famous Hero Academy League gets a mention too :). There is also some funky intro music thrown into the mix for good measure.

    Well worth listening to for all Robot Fans! Check it out on the link below: http://www.sevendaycooldown.com/site/638/

    MMM? I mean SSS. Super Slusser Sunday.

    Robot Entertainment posted the weekly MMM (Monday Morning Meeting) blog a day early. The blog contains a 15 minute video that shows a time lapse construction of an OMD! fortress. Also, some news about Robot attending the upcoming Rooster Teeth Expo.

    Now quit reading this and go check out the “If you build it they will come…… MMM Blog”

    Robofan Spotlight – (Vvt76) Vince Van Tongeren

    Ever wonder who is putting up such high scores in OMD?  This week we decided to Spotlight OMD! expert player Vvt76. Vince has recently taken on the challenge of finishing Nightmare levels without barricades. Impossible you say?  Vvt76 has provided proof and a high scoring run that will blow your mind.

    We also found out that Vvt76 mixes some fresh beats on the side. We suggest listening to some of his house mixes while watching the amazing run. Here is a link to his music Intellectro and below is the 35 minute video. Enjoy!!!