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Moltenink’s Time Lapse Orc Painting

Moltenink has taken a video recording time lapse of his most recent OMDU digital painting. OMDU fans will be well aware of Moltenink’s talents from the many concept hero designs earlier in the year. The time lapse of his latest Orc painting shows just how much time and level of detail goes into his creations, and it really is the finer detail that counts. Check out his awesome time-lapse below:

For those interested in digital art Molten hosts a Twitch art stream each weekday from 9am at twitch.tv/moltenink. Be sure to check it out sometime! If you would like to find out a bit more about the man behind these excellent works of art, check out our interview with Moltenink from earlier this year.

Insider Access with the artists at Robot Entertainment

If you missed todays Insider Access stream you will have missed out on an excellent video between new Assistant Community Manager Kristen Fuller and Robot Entertainment artists Bart “Yellow King” Tiongson and Dave “kube” Kubalak.

The interview talked us through the early years of both Bart and Dave’s careers, who are both ex Ensemble Studios staff through to their career today at Robot Entertainment. From 12:30 in the stream a demonstration is shown of how the Ball and Chain hero was digitally concepted. The interview is well worth the watch, particularly for those interested in the art field.

Watch live video from OrcsMustDie on Twitch

Moltenink’s Dwarf Hero is fan favourite

The results are in from our recent poll where we asked you which one of Moltenink’s OMDU hero designs is your favourite. Well we have crunched the numbers and can reveal that the Dwarf hero is the official fan favourite hero design. Lets take a look:

Speaking about the Dwarf hero Molten commented:

Super happy the Dwarf was the winner! Always been a huge fan of Dwarves, in fact on my first board game project I was unable to do the character portraits for sheer lack of time.  But when a dwarf bezerker came across the table I DEMANDED that I be the one to do the art for it lol

Maybe one day we might see a hero like the Dwarf appear in game. Who knows!

If you havnt already seen Moltenink’s other hero ideas you can check them all out here. Great stuff!

Vote for your favourite Moltenink hero design!

Moltenink is our resident Orcs Must Die! Unchained community artist! Over the past few weeks he has used his imagination to come up with a number of brilliant possible hero designs for OMDU. They are all excellent I’m sure you will agree, but which one of these is your favourite? Is there one in particular that you think would be awesome to see in OMDU? Let us know by voting in our poll!

The designs


Story Time With Fryedegg – The OMD! master narrates the complete comic book for your pleasure. (Art Included)

Rumor is he is also working on a version of Goldie Locks and the three orcs.

The Ten Ton Gorilla put on some weight today

Some of you may not be familiar with the blog that features art from the staff at Robot Entertainment. The Ten Ton Gorilla was updated earlier today and has some great art that was made during one of their “Themed Projects”