• Leaderboards & Onslaught Files

    Interested in finding out the top players in Orcs Must Die on Steam? Fancy taking a look at the latest activity or downloading onslaught files? Look no further!

    Thanks to a great project from Vvt76, all of this information can be found at his website, Orcs Must Die! Leaderboards 2.0. You can access the site using the link below. This is certainly something all OMD fans will want to check out!




    Vvt76 also has been working with Rogotin on an Onslaught File Generator for OMD!.

    Now you can easily create onslaughts for OMD! Robot forum member Vvt76 made the following post in the RE forums earlier today.The last 2 weeks I have been working on that editor everybody has been wanting to have for the last couple of months. You have been able to track the progress in Rogotin’s thread, but I thought it was time I created a thread of my own which I can update in the future with more updates, announcements and improvements.
    Click here for the link to the editor.

    This is where you can find the index. The index page lists all maps. Each map has 4 links:
    – Create: Start your own onslaught file from scratch
    – Edit: Take the default onslaught and edit that one
    – Download default: Download the default onslaught as provided by SixOkay
    – Download nightmarized: Download the default onslaught, but modified so you can have the nightmare enemies on warmage level with all the convenient breaksThe editor itself has been styled a little bit better, but its looks can improve to be honest. I’m open for suggestions.The editor can look daunting, because of all the information. If you hover over a label, it briefly explains the purpose of the corresponding text box or drop down list. Depending on the level and door enemies spawn from, you can select an enemy, click add and change the number of enemies. You can rearrange groups of enemies by dragging and dropping them amongst the container (the group is locked in the grey area). You can delete enemies, groups and waves at your leisure, but be careful, you cannot undo that and there is no confirmation (too annoying).In the end, when you’re satisfied, you can click generate at the bottom of the screen to download a zip file containing those onslaught files. If you are not happy with the result or you want to tweak some more, you can go to the index page (with the maps listed) and choose a zip-file to upload (right under the list of maps). This will automagically take you to the appropriate map and you can start editing.There are more features to come, but I hope this will get you started. As always, if you find bugs, let me know in this thread or pm me. Don’t forget to read the disclaimer!