• Patch 1.2 is LIVE for OMDU Open Beta


    The latest patch for Orcs Must Die! Unchained open beta is now LIVE! Start your OMDU dashboard and the patch will begin to download. This patch contains a huuuge amount of changes including the return of Bloodspike the brutalYou’ll be sure to want to catch up on the patch notes for this release. Here is a very quick summary:

    • New Hero – Bloodspike. Great for Siege offensive play
    • Completely redesigned crafting system!
    • Survival mode has been completely re-balanced and fine tuned to feel more like classic OMD gameplay. Minions move faster and take more damage. There is also a brand new map too – Banquet Hall.
    • Unchained Fortress has a number of changes including re-positioned war camps and boss changes.
    • Surival traps now have 7 tiers of upgrades.
    This is just scratching the surface. Delve into the full patch notes to be fully in the know of all the changes. Or tune into Doug and Laura on Insider Access to get all the scoop on the VOD below!

    Watch live video from OrcsMustDie on www.twitch.tv

    Crafting Changes

    As part of the goal to simply crafting and the game meta following from fan feedback, the number of in-game materials has been reduced from around 20 to 10. This means some materials are being retired, but don’t worry – you’ll see these being returned to you in the form of other materials. The graphic below explains what will happen. (Click to enlarge).

    Click to enlarge

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