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Tony Goodman live on Reddit “Ask me anything” right now!

Tony Goodman is now speaking live on his Reddit “Ask me anything”. Come and join in and pose your questions to the man who started it all!

Click here to join in!

Kenny Newell interviews Tony Goodman – founder of Ensemble and Robot

Robot Fans audio interview extraordinaire Kenny Newell has recently been invited to an interview by Tony Goodman in his own home over dinner. In case you don’t know, Tony Goodman one of the key founders of Ensemble Studios and served as CEO and Studio Head for the lifetime of Ensemble Studios. He then went on to head up and create Robot Entertainment after Ensemble closed its doors.

If you ever wondered how Robot Entertainment came to form, and how it came about that they started working on Age of Empires Online your going to want to check out this fantastic interview between Kenny and Tony Goodman. You can also find out about Tony’s brand new venture, PeopleFun and their first game  – Word Chums!

Listen now:



BonusXP and PeopleFun are formed from Ex-Ensemble staff

Remember Ensemble Studios has reported the formation of two new studios from ex Ensemble staff Tony Goodman and Dave Pottinger. Part 1 of the article delves into the “PeopleFun” studio announcement from Tony Goodman who is also a director on the board and original CEO of Robot Entertainment.

Read the latest blog on Remember ES to read more about the PeopleFun announcement and their first expected game “Word Chums”.