• Stand by for a new Robot Entertainment game come PAX East


    Make sure you put April 6th in your calendar as a special day to keep an eye out for Robot Entertainment news. The studio will once again be heading up to PAX East in Boston. In the past, PAX has been one the first places that Robot has shown off their new games including Orcs Must Die!

    From April 6th the Robots will be on hand at PAX with an exciting new booth featuring both Hero Academy and the as of yet unannounced new game. The only question is.. what could the new game be? Feel free to speculate on our brand new poll located on the right of this post. What do you think might be next for Robot Entertainment?

    Hero Academy for iPad

    In other interesting news, those with iPads who have been playing Hero Academy on the 2x resolution will be pleased to know that a full HD version of Hero Academy is soon to be released. The HD version will feature an overall higher resolution which will look much sharper on iPads as opposed to the 2x zoom. Check out the comparison between old and new on the latest Robot Entertainment MMM blog!

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