• The Shaolin team announced for Hero Academy!


    Robot Entertainment have today revealed the next team to enter the fray in Hero Academy – The Shaolin! This is a brand new team focusing on combos and some interesting new bonus characteristics  For every turn a unique unit does damage to an enemy the units attack get gradually more powerful each turn making it even more important than ever to take down the unique units quickly before being overwhelmed. Not only that but the Shaolin”s Heros can also reduce the strength of enemy units. A formidable team that’s for sure! Here is the stats breakdown:


    • Monk – A melee brawler whose attack reduce a single enemy’s maximum health by 25%.
    • Windblade – Her attack chains to additional enemies.
    • Poisoner – Her attack weakens the opponent’s Defense and Resist.
    • Taoist – A Healer who can resurrect, clear debuffs from allies, and remove buffs from enemies.
    • Shadow – Turns the tide of battle by reviving KO’d units into specters to fight on his side.

    Spells and Equipment

    • Dragon – Cast this spell to summon a dragon that breathes fire along a row, dealing damage to three squares directly in front of the target.
    • Combo Potion – A consumable that heals an ally for 1000 health and makes their next attack worth two combo points.
    • Bamboo – Place a destructible bamboo tile that blocks enemy line of sight.

    When is it coming?

    The Shaolin team will be available on iOS and Steam some time in November – so not long away. Oh and did we mention the team also brings with it a new map for everyone to play plus some more new challenges! Keep your eyes peeled for the November release!

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