• Spotlight on: Blaster


    Following on with our “Spotlight on” feature, last week we interviewed community streamer Nananea. This week we do the same for someone who is very active on the early access forums suggesting and sharing ideas with other fans and can often be found in-game. So lets find out a little more about Blaster!

    The Basics

    Name: Marshall “Blaster”

    Home Town: Savannah, Georgia


    • When you’re not enjoying the OMDU Alpha – what other games do you enjoy playing?

    Crusader Kings II, Counter Strike: Source, Mount and Blade, Civilization V, obviously OMD:2.

    • Favourite fast food restaurant? 

    Taco Bell maybe? I’m still pretty upset that they haven’t brought in a new Chihuahua. Maybe the fish market down the street from my house?

    • Favourite music? 

    Old country, David Bowie, T-Rex, and that quack like a duck song on youtube.

    • If you could pick anywhere in the world to go on holiday, where would you go and why?

    Probably somewhere else in southeast Georgia because it’s generally preferable to where the rest of you all live.

    • What do you do in your day job?

    The NSA pays me to monitor the OMD:U Community.

    • How did you find out about Orcs Must Die! ? 

    Pretty boring story I guess. I saw where a few of my friends were playing the first game on Steam, bought it during the summer sale, and got super hooked. Now I’m looking forward to bringing those folks into Unchained to whoop the rest of you.

    • Whats the thing you like most about OMDU right now?

    I really like being part of the development and watching the game grow. No one really has it all figured out yet so there’s a ton of cool experimentation and adapting to the new additions.

    • If there is was one main thing you would like to see changed in OMDU what would it be?

    I know it would involve massive balancing work and modifications to all of the levels but I really would like to see the fliers get put back in. It isn’t just nostalgia for the old titles; I really think the strategy around deciding how to balance the guys you send out and the traps you pick would be deepened as a result. It would also put more importance on picking a good mix of heros for your team.

    • Whos your favourite OMDU character and why? 

    I’m mostly playing Hogarth even though I still really want to play the War Mage too once I figure out the new kill boxes well enough to take advantage of the trap discount. It might not be the flashiest thing in Unchained right now but there really isn’t anything much more versatile than being able to throw down a stun. Hogarth is probably aesthetically the funniest character to me as well.

    • When can we catch you playing OMDU?

    I’ve had to take a slow couple of weeks for finals but I pretty much make every one of the night time sessions I can. I plan on starting a regular live stream in a few weeks too but haven’t quite gotten it quite organized yet.

    Shout out

    • Is there anything you would like to say to all the OMD fans out there right now?

    If you see me in your game lobby, go ahead and plan on not picking Hogarth because I’m calling him now. Also, if you’re not in the alpha and you’re sceptical about this game not being a simple OMD:3 game, try to be patient and optimistic. I’ve never actively played a MOBA in my life but this feels completely natural to me as an OMD player and its already way more playable than you’d expect at this stage of development.

    Thanks for your time Blaster! We look forward to checking out your streams once you get set up!

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