• Spotlight on: RoyalFino


    This weeks spotlight on features RoyalFino. Royal is very active on the early access forums over at OrcsMustDie.com and often makes suggestions for the developers.  So lets find out a little more about RoyalFino!

    The Basics

    Name: Joe

    Home Town: Mendon, MA
    Age: 27


    • When you’re not busy playing OMDU Alpha, what is your day job?

    I work temp jobs when I can get them. Looking for a career currently.

    • Is there any particular film you are most looking forward to this year?

    2015 is going to be way better but probably X-men off the top of my head. Godzilla comes to mind as well. Maybe that Michael Bay movie that involves Turtles from space or whatever.

    • Favourite music?

    Film Soundtracks.

    • Outside the gaming world – what are your hobbies?

    Football (American/NFL) fan. I love surfing Reddit and learning new things from it. It’s a great source of information and given the internet is really like a 21st century library, Reddit is a nice road map for it. I also like looking at pictures of cats. Reddit is great for that.

    • Aside from OMD, what other games do you enjoy playing?

    Half-Life, Portal, Counter-Strike, Sim City and Age of Empires come to mind. Those are some of my most favourite games ever and those type of games are the ones I usually enjoy. OMD was my first venture into the tower defence genre and while I played others and enjoyed them, OMD is the king. If somebody asked me for my top 5 favourite game franchises, Orcs Must Die would be there. I’m really surprised how much I fell in love with the game given I had no expectations for it when it was released in October of 2011.

    • How did you discover OMD?

    One of my friends let me try it and I got hooked. I ended up playing it for hours till I beat it. I ended up paying it forward and introducing many others to the game as well. I felt like my eyes were opened to a completely new genre of games I can enjoy.

    • Whats the best thing about Unchained?

    It’s more Orcs Must Die and it introduces a new take on the franchise.

    • Do you consider yourself to be more defensive or more offence in Unchained?

    Defensive. I like it when the enemy comes to me. I was like that when playing Age of Empires too.

    • Have you met your nemesis on the battlefield? Who stands out to you?

    Those fire girls that shoot fire are a pain in the ass. As Smolder, who I mostly play as, it’s hard to kill them.

    • Deck building is coming soon, what are the cards that are certain to be in your decks?

    Tar. Zappers. Arrow Walls.

    Shout Out

    • Is there anything you would like to say to all the OMD fans out there right now?

    Give the game a chance to win you over if you haven’t already. It’s great fun.


    Check out the official Orcs Must Die Subreddit at www.reddit.com/r/OrcsMustDie as I am the Admin there currently and want to help grow that community to keep all the Redditors that love killing orcs connected and informed about the games, the community hot spots such as robotentertainmentfans.com and the all upcoming community events. I’d appreciate it if any Orcs Must Die fans who visit Reddit subscribe to the Orcs Must Die subreddit as it will hope grow that community.

    Thanks for taking part Joe!

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