• Spotlight On: Juicy


    This week sitting down for Fan Friday we have the spotlight on Juicy. If you have been checking the Orcs Must Die! Forums you will have surely come across his posts as a regular. Here you can find out a little more about the fan behind the posts!

    Here’s Juicy!

    The Basics

    • Name:

    Juicy (Juicearific outside of OMDU) Also known as Josh – but I prefer Juicy.

    • Home town:

     Dubois, Pennsylvania. Born here, live nearby. Haven’t moved away (yet!)

    • Age:

    18, for another few months.


    • What does Juicy do outside of gaming – can you tell us about your day job?

    I go to college full time during the semesters, right now I have a summer internship at PennDOT. I am an IT Intern in the district office. I’ve also been known to handle your orders and Burger King, but that hasn’t happened for a few months. I’m going to college for Software and Computer Engineering, and am hoping to get into game design when I get out.

    • What’s your favourite sporting activity?

    Baseball, it’s been my favourite sport since childhood.

    • Have you ever been to a gaming expo?

    I have not. I would love to attend PAX East sometime, but I’ll get to that in the future.

    • How did you find out about Orcs Must Die! ?

    My brother bought the first game during a Steam Christmas Sale. I tried it on his account and loved it, picked it up not a week later for myself. I bought OMD2 as soon as it came out, and went to unchained within a week or hearing about it.

    • What do you like most about Orcs Must Die! ?

    I love the potential in all the OMD games. It is about the only game I’ve ever seen where a level could be designed by someone like me (just a basic video game player) – and still be a whole lot of fun. I also love the traps aspect, as much as I love shooting guys, it’s more fun to watch them just get torn apart by a bunch of traps standing in their way.

    • MOBA or not MOBA – whats your opinion on OMDU?

    MOBA is a very weird term. Every game we use to describe it differs in alot of ways, and they all really only share one or two traits. Mainly, they’re Team vs. Team, and they have lanes of minions. In that respect – I would call it a MOBA. If we’re trying to compare it to another big name MOBA out there, I would say no. The differences in the game from any other MOBA are phenominal, to me it is an OMD sequel with a MOBA flare, not the other way around.

    • Have you worked out your best strategy for OMDU?

    Personally I love assassins (in any game, but definitely in PvP games). I mainly play midnight in OMDU, and my entire goal is to walk in, kill someone, and hopefully do some damage to a guardian or gate when I do. I’ve been known to help defense a little if we need it, but I really prefer to be full fledge offense as midnight. I’ve also been working on my defense incase the team really needs it, but I really enjoy midnight more than any other character.

    • Whats the one key thing you would like to see in OMDU that isn’t already in the alpha?

    There’s alot of things that aren’t in alpha (yet!) that I would love to see. The one thing that I really miss from the prior games are fliers – I know they’d be hard to implement with characters that only have melee attacks, but I think figuring out a way to get fliers in the game would be so cool.

    Shout Out

    • Is there anything you would like to say to all the OMD fans out there right now?

    The game is still in alpha and has bugs or balancing issues that we find and talk about solutions to all the time. Despite that, this is still is only game I’m playing right now, if I can find anyone else playing it I’ll be online with them. I haven’t been this hooked on a game in a long time, and I can’t wait until it officially releases so I can play (with a full game of real people) any time I want.


    Thanks for taking part Juicy! See you around in-game!

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