• Spotlight On: Taroth


    This weeks spotlight is shining on Taroth. One of the members of “Team Cake” and active in the early access forums, here we can find out a little more about Taroth outside of OMD. Lets get started!

    The Basics

    Name: Chris

    Home Town: New York


    • What sports do you like to play?

    I’ve been an Ice Hockey Goalie for many years. I’ve been lucky enough to play in international tournaments and in different countries. I also enjoy hiking (is that a sport?) and cycling.

    • Who is your favourite comedian?

    The late, great, George Carlin. Pure genius.

    • Orcs by night, but what do you do by day? School / Work?

    I’m a doctoral student specializing in ethics and strategic decision-making in business management.

    • Most exciting thing you have ever done?

    Probably skydiving. Hiking the Narrows in Zion Canyon would be a close second. Ask me again next week and it might be going to the Stanley Cup Finals in NY.

    • What was the last game you purchased?

    The last game I purchased was pre-ordering The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. This has been an excellent series based off of some fantastic novels and a rich, deep intellectual property. Luckily, the novels are in the process of being translated to English if that is the only language you read.

    • Aside from OMD what other games do you enjoy playing?

    Right now I’m slightly addicted to the King’s Bounty Series; however, if I judge solely on my steam hours played counters Mass Effect, The Witcher Series, and The Civilization series win out.

    • Which OMDU character do you play best with?

    At this time I would say Stinkeye. I’ve never been much of a PvPer and I think defending was a natural transition from OMD2 to Unchained for me. I’ve been branching out into other characters, but I don’t nearly have the time on them that I do with Stink.

    • Do you prefer to play offence, defense or a bit of both?

    Both now, but I still tend to be more defensively oriented.

    • What are your thoughts on Glory Seekers? Good or bad idea?

    Well….. as a defender I love them! Any time I can get an advantage over an attacking group as a solo defender is appreciated, although my attacking buddies aren’t too pleased with them.

    • In your opinion which hero is the strongest and which is the weakest and why?

    That is a tough call. I try to find the strengths in each character. I would say that Stinkeye was a bit overpowered as a wave clearer before the recent changes and that the Sorceress was the weakest. Now, I think Temper could use some love. Midnight has always been a bit scary as well.


    Shout out

    • Is there anything you would like to say to all the OMD fans out there right now?

    There is absolutely no reason to not be excited for OMDU. Now with the War Mage pack granting instant alpha access I’m looking forward to more players joining the community. I’m also excited to get back to streaming the game when the hockey season ends.


    You can also follow Tarorth on Twitter @TarothGaming and check out his Twitch channel http://www.twitch.tv/taroth 

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