• Moltenink’s Dwarf Hero is fan favourite


    The results are in from our recent poll where we asked you which one of Moltenink’s OMDU hero designs is your favourite. Well we have crunched the numbers and can reveal that the Dwarf hero is the official fan favourite hero design. Lets take a look:

    Speaking about the Dwarf hero Molten commented:

    Super happy the Dwarf was the winner! Always been a huge fan of Dwarves, in fact on my first board game project I was unable to do the character portraits for sheer lack of time.  But when a dwarf bezerker came across the table I DEMANDED that I be the one to do the art for it lol

    Maybe one day we might see a hero like the Dwarf appear in game. Who knows!

    If you havnt already seen Moltenink’s other hero ideas you can check them all out here. Great stuff!

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