• Spotlight on: Sevv


    This week for Fan Friday the spotlight is on Sevv in the North American OMDU community. Sevv who is a member of Team Cake is also streaming OMDU on his Twitch channel. Today we find out a little more about him!

    The Basics

    • Name: Kevin Collinsworth
    • Home Town: Beavercreek, OH


    • What is your day job?

    I am Batman! Actually nothing nearly as exciting, I am a supervisor at FedEx Freight. I have the great and fun job of standing out in blistering heat and shivering cold to make sure people get there goods on time!

    • Favourite TV programmes?

    The only one there is, Game Of Thrones. I also enjoy me some Daily Show with John Stewart, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and of course who can forget South Park.

    • Are you heading off on holiday anywhere nice this year?

    Going down to our nation’s capitol of Washington D.C. for an extended weekend with my girlfriend and her family! Gonna be a great time!

    • Aside from OMDU, what other games are you playing right now?

    I have recently discovered the beauty that is Mount and Blade: Warband.

    • Of all the games you have ever played which one is your all time favourite?

    Easiest question on here! Fallout 3, all time favorite. Although, OMDU comes very close.

    • How did find out about Orcs Must Die?

    I bought it on a whim on a steam sale and fell in love. Convinced my buddy to play and we have logged a lot of drunken hours playing till 4 and 5 in the morning.

    • When can we catch you streaming OMDU?

    Most Mondays – Thursdays from 9-10PM EST when I get my internet and OMDU to play along :/ Twitch.tv/Sev554 for those interested.

    • What do you think about the three new hero reveals?

    I actually thought I was going to love the master, hate Ball and Chain, and play prospector when needed. However, it turn’s out that ol’ Big Bertha is my favorite and I love playing her. Nothing nearly as satisfying as punting someone off a bridge. The trips not to bad either, as Mother. 😛

    • Is there anything missing in OMDU that you would like to see added?

    Stuff already announced, sure. Otherwise I am excited to see where Robot is taking us! Maybe a chain mail Bikini for Big Bertha or a slice of cake hidden on every map.


    Shout Out

    • Is there anything you would like to say to all the OMD fans out there right now?

    Remember to have FUN. That is what gaming is about, don’t get caught up in the trolls and toxic people and cause your enjoyment levels to go. This game has one of the Best communities I have ever had the privilege to be apart of, so lets keep it that way! Good hunting out there!

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