• Nananea hired by Robot to spearhead Twitch streams


    Some excellent community news has been announced by SixOkay over on the OMDU forums. Robot have hired Nananea to spearhead Twitch streams going forward and I am sure you will agree that this is fantastic news. Quoting SixOkay from the announcement post:

    I’m excited to announce that we’ve hired Nananea to spearhead our efforts over on Twitch. Starting next week, we’re going to have a ton more streams, including new shows and new opportunities to interact with the game and the developers at Robot Entertainment. We’ll be announcing the new schedule very soon, and we’ll be back on the air before you know it.

    Nananea has been dedicated to OMDU with her community stream every Thursday and has also created those awesome hero and how to play videos that you can see on the OMDU dashboard.

    I’m sure all fans will be congratulating Nananea on this excellent appointment. Be sure to check out the thread over on the forums and expect more Twitch streaming coming soon!


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