• Get a first look at the new tutorial with insider access!


    Earlier this week on the Twitch stream was the second of the Insider Access streams. Last week saw us chat to Robot artists Bart Tiongson and Dave Kubalak. This week, community manager SixOkay is sitting down with Robot Entertainment newbie designer “Danger Mike” to discuss the new tutorial that will soon be making its way to the beta masses.

    No doubt one of the gripes at the moment from OMDU regulars is the incoming swarm of new players who have struggled to grasp some of the key things about the game before starting matchmaking. In particular things like not spending leadership points, closing gates, putting traps in the wrong places etc. As of right now it has been difficult for new players to find out how to play owing to the current tutorial being very basic. Danger Mike is new to Robot Entertainment and his task his to create a brand new, engaging tutorial system for players. On the Insider Access stream we get our first look of his hard work so far. Lets check it out!

    As you can see from the video it looks like Danger Mike is doing an excellent job on the tutorial so far. We learn that the tutorial as seen above will be mandatory before players can get into their first game. However as a bonus players will gain experience as well for completing it. We also learn that there will be a number of other optional tutorials as well for players to get to grips with some of the finer details. As such the tutorial above just covers what Robot believes to be the core basic principles of the game.

    What do you think about the new tutorial proposals? REF wants to know! Have your say in our poll!

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