• New hero “Tundra” and more revealed at Gamescom


    Last week Ian “Mother” Fischer and Patrick Hudson from Robot Entertainment made their way all the way over to Gamescom in Germany to show the masses Orcs Must Die! Unchained. They also took part in the official Twitch stream and as part of their interview showed off what we have to look forward to in the next patch. If you check out the stream here are some of the things you might notice.

    New Hero! – Tundra

    Yep, if 15 heroes wasnt already plenty we have another hero joining the party and he goes by the name of “Tundra” who is an ice bear. A ranged hero who like Smolder can fire blasts from afar, but of course rather than fire he has an ice attack.

    On the abilities front he is able to disable all traps, except ice traps, with his blizzard ability (which might also deal damage). His other ability lets him select friendly bears and highlight a player / guardian for them to target. We can expect to see more of Tundra in the next patch when full details about him will be made available.

    Comeback Mine Carts

    Also new to the game is a new comeback mechanic that was actually discussed in tandem with Robot on the forums. Sort of in similar vein to Mr Moneybags, around Wave 3 mine carts will appear at each war camp and travel to the opposing rift. If the opposing team manage to kill the mine cart (currently actually a giant) they will gain a ton of extra resources split amongst themselves. The idea behind this is that a team can focus on killing the mine cart they get a big boost of resources to help turn the tide of battle. It introduces another interesting dynamic to the game.

    Mine Carts being shown on the minimap

    From what we can see so far from the new material shown at Gamescom we are looking at a very interesting new patch coming out later this August.

    Check out the Twitch interview

    Be sure to check out the full interview and gameplay demo of OMDU at Gamescom on the video below. Just skip to 06:22:00 to see Twitch sit down with the bots!

    Watch live video from Twitch on Twitch

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