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    Its that Friday feeling time again as we delve into another spotlight on feature. This week we have CusterDawg in the limelight from the North American OMDU community. Custer is a regular poster on the OMDU forums and you may have seen his YouTube channel where you can find his gameplay videos of Hearthstone and Terraria. Soon Custer will start streaming videos of OMDU gameplay thanks to the new integrated Twitch feature found in the recent 1.4 expansion patch. Lets find out a little more about him in preparation for his streams!

    The Basics

    Name: Custer/CusterDawg/Robert
    Age:Β 25
    Home Town: Minnetonka, MN


    • What is day job?

    I do temp work and I’m also doing part time work at a school. I’m hoping to head back to school next year to get a degree, after paying down some student loans.


    • What is the most exciting thing that has happened so far in 2014?

    Besides OMDU? πŸ˜› I’ve loved some of the movies that came out this year. Some highlights were Captain America: Winter Soldier, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Godzilla, and The Wind Rises. Can’t wait for Nolan’s Interstellar. Other than that was fortunate to have my 7th nephew born this week. πŸ™‚


    • Do you have any pets?

    No pets because allergies have always been an issue. I suppose if I could have a pet it would be like a rabbit or something.


    • How would you describe your taste in music?

    I like to think of myself as a collector of experiences. I try to take that mentality into everything I do. In the case of music, I try to give everything a shot at least once. As a result I have 6000+ songs in iTunes with a bunch of CD’s left to upload. An example of some of my bands I have listed are: Madonna, Arcade Fire, Daft Punk, Beastie Boys, Radiohead, Air, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Rammstein, Beirut, Sigur Ros, Enya, etc. (a more comprehensive list would give people a much better idea, but lets just say there is a lot of stuff I listen to)


    • Favourite gaming system of all time? (PC/Consoles?)

    Don’t have just one. I have such great memories with a bunch of consoles. My earliest system that I played was the colecovision. Played pretty much most game systems at one point or another, family or friends had it. If I had to choose just one though, it would probably be PC. Not only do most games seem to get a port over to PC or emulation if you own the original game, but you just have more freedom and customization with a PC (Hardware, software, etc).


    • How did you discover OMD?

    I watch a lot of different Youtubers and the first one I ever subscribed to (Kage848) played the first game as a full LP. I also started watching another Youtuber (Sips), who funnily enough helped inspire one of our current hero’s name, play OMD2. After seeing just how much fun these two people had with the game, I had to get it. conveniently, it was a Steam sale at the time I had made up my mind. So I got both games and started playing the 2nd one co-op the entire way through with my buddy. Hours of fun developing strategies.


    • Outside of OMDU what other games are you playing at the moment?

    Currently I’m playing OMDU (most), Hearthstone, a Minecraft server with a bunch of mods, and trying to finish some games off in my Steam library.


    • What do you think of the new tutorial so far?

    It’s a good step in the right direction. It helps new players ease into the game and familiarizes them with some basic concepts to help them play the game. I especially like the fact that at the warcamp sections, you can’t skip out the menu and possibly miss some information. There are some bugs with it, like the arrow can get stuck some places and you have to guess where to go if you’ve never played the 2 lane map. Also, if you move faster than the tutorial intends, it skips over some dialog that might be important.


    • Well done for hitting level 40 – how long did that take you?

    Well I guess I’ve pretty much played every day for about 3 hours since the wipe (July 22) into Closed Beta. So about a month I guess. There are a few days where I either didn’t play, played a custom/co-op game, or the server was down. So total time to get there was maybe 250 hours? That’s not all wins either.


    • If there was one main thing you would like to see changed in OMDU, what would it be?

    Besides a bigger population, some tweaks to heroes/traps/minions, and some mechanics, it might be the state of trap disable. Right now, unless you have the Sorceress, an armored trap, or Gnome Repair Kit, your killbox on defense is completely at the whims of the trap disabling pushers. It feels like sometimes you’ve wasted your coin on traps when a competent Ivy player can disable your entire killbox the whole wave. I’d like to see either more armored traps, more heroes with trap reset, a weaver that provides disable resist/immunity, or having trap disable work different for heroes on defense. Like if as Ivy you went on defense, you could use your right click/disable as a trap enable, temporary immunity (before traps get disabled), or a disable time reduction. I realize that in regards to trap disable you need to find a very delicate balance as it affects a lot of the game.


    Shout Out

    • Is there anything you would like to say to all the OMD fans out there right now?

    Just want to tell all players, new ones especially, to give the an honest chance and be patient with it. Sure there are some things that can be frustrating about the game, but the game gets patched fairly frequently and the developers really care about your feedback. Lastly, be sure to do your part to make sure that the game and the community are the best it can be.


    Thanks for taking part CusterDawg! We’re looking forward to your future OMDU streams!

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