• Submit your hero strategies – win PAX prizes!


    Here at REF we’re looking for your Orcs Must Die! Unchained hero strategies! We would like to build a small database of expert strategies from the community so that players can learn about the strengths and weaknesses of certain heroes and certain play styles. This will be another resource for players to discover new ways to play the many heroes we have access to in Unchained. Strategies can be rated by REF members to highlight which strategies get the communities seal of approval.

    There are plenty of discussion points on hero strategy. At the high level there are things like should the hero be mainly played on offence or defence. Delving deeper though you could think about when a hero should push on offence – should they wait for certain cards or conditions? What about which other heroes and cards work best along side this hero? If going on defence what trap combinations work best for this hero?

    Take a look at our example Ivy strategy.

    Have you got some top secret tips that you would like to share with the community? Hop on over to our Hero Strategy page to submit them!

    Win PAX Prizes!

    We’ve got some sweet prizes lined up from Robot Entertainment and you will be in for a chance of winning some exclusive OMDU PAX swag just for taking part. For those who submit a strategy to the database and are ranked one of the higher ratings you will be in for a chance to win. Also if you take the time to read and rate some of the contributions from the community you too will also be in a chance to win these sweet prizes. Up for grabs we have:

    • 2x OMDU backpack, wrist band, shirt, button set, and Founder’s PAX!

    Two chances to win, either by a higher rating strategy (randomly selecting amongst the  top rated strategies) or being randomly selected by reading and rating strategies (just make sure you are signed in to your REF account!).

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