• Spotlight on: Warlok


    We’re back with Fan Fridays! This week we’re interviewing Warlok of the North American OMDU community. Lets find out a little more about the person behind the username!

    The Basics

    • Name: Anonymous
    • Home Town: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


    • Outside of gaming what do you do by day?

    Work-wise I execute a menial soul-draining-over-time graveyard-shifting job. Otherwise I read unusual books, exercise intensely, and watch a *ton* of movies. These days lots of documentaries.

    • What has been the most exciting thing you have done so far this year?

    I pulled almost every muscle in my lower back. Big time.

    What? That`s not exciting? I suppose *besides* that (!), I honestly would have to mention a couple of things: simply the slightly expanded realm of gaming cohorts and our recent game experiences – invariably violent! – and then recent science news. No, I haven`t “done” science news, I`ve just observed it. Anyway, NASA`s pursuit & development of the early stages of a warp drive field/engine, ever-advancing discoveries pertaining to Earth-like exo-planets, and compact fusion reactor technology… its an exciting time. Cool stuff.

    • Things are getting spooky with OMDU – what are your Halloween plans?

    To game my brains out! There may be a slight correlation to my Xmas and New Years plans… which similarly involve ‘brains’ and ‘out’….

    • Whats your favourite fast food establishment?

    I would be compelled – under threat of enhanced interrogation – to admit Dominos Pizza. Locally anyway, the cooking seems good, pursuant to bacon, extra provolone cheese, and light sauce pizza. Vitally necessary to that are garlic fingers and cheesy bread, though the former has at this time eclipsed the latter. My food tastes are simple.

    • How would you describe your taste in music?

    Superlative and unrivalled!

    I – HAVE – SPOKEN.Ummm, anything noble, tragic, stirring, imperious, and vengeful. Most of the time you find that sort of work in film and game. Conan The Barbarian, ST: The Motion Picture, ST: The Wrath Of Khan, The Living Daylights, RUNE, Empire Earth 2, TRON Legacy, The Road Warrior, Inception, etcetera.

    • Which websites are you sure to open up each day?

    Blue`s News, Off The Grid with Jesse Ventura, Film Score Monthly, Steam (website? kind of sort of but important), and the game sites/forums of that which I play most often, including of course Payday 2. And some other site relating to Orcs or something.

    • What level have you ascended to so far in OMDU? Do you have a favourite hero?


    A number… very well then, Jedi… 22 since the last patch. I definitely have some favourite picks for Heroes. The Master if not for his accomplishments under my controls, then for his blabbery. Get a big kick out of him. Temper is my go-to guy. Ancestor seems like a capable ghost. Kobold King is great… he may have some problems, but there is something about whipping and screaming at others that is appealing in a ‘do my bidding’/arbitrary punishment kind of way.

    • What do you think of the return of the 3-Lane map? How are you finding it?

    Tip of the iceberg. More is very welcome… I wonder if map inventiveness more than anything else will chart OMD U`s course over time. Unfortunately I have not yet played this new map! Just not the right alignment of time and voodoo. I liked it when it originally debuted though; was very nice to be able to plunk down many more traps.

    • Patch 1.6 introduced the Ancestor as a new hero – do you think he is a good addition?

    He is an excellent addition. His viscinity AoE abilities (among other things) cause me to venture into melee ranges far too much! His traits are cleverly thought out, with his Mana boost over time mechanic being so very different from convention. I hope Robot continues to explore such mold-breaking aspects, and not only with playable characters.

    • If there is one thing you want to see more of in OMDU what would it be?

    Warlok winning.
    (Akira satellite beam weapon voice)

    Undead! Co-op challenges! Co-op campaign! Undead!


    Shout Out

    • Is there anything you would like to say to all the OMD fans out there right now?
    Robot is a solid, honest team. They play their own games (!), which is something not all developers do to patently obvious results; tell `em what you want and they`ll at least consider it.


    Thanks for taking part Warlok!

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