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    We’ve reach the end of the week which can only mean one thing – its time for another Fan Friday interview! This week we’re speaking to Amarith from the OMDU NA community. Amarith has recently attended the Blizzcon event and can often be found posting on the forums. Lets find out a bit more about him and his time at Blizzcon!

    The Basics

    • Name: Nick
    • Age: 26
    • Home Town: Las Vegas


    • What do you do by day?
    I work at the largest target in the state of Nevada, working in the Starbucks and sometimes the food court. I am actually trained to work in almost any area of the store.
    • We hear you went to Blizzcon – how was that?
    It was amazing. This is my 5th year going, and it was just non stop fun. Overwatch (the game they just announced) handles very nicely and is super fun. I also went to the youtube meet they had and got to meet Markiplier and Ross (from Game Grumps).
    One of the most fun things about Blizzcon is the E-sports aspect of it. All the competitive gaming of Starcraft, Wow Arena, and now Hearthstone. I really want to see OMDU develop into E-sports and have just as much excitement about it.
    • Whats the most exciting thing that has happened to you this year?
    Obviously it was what I mentioned in the previous question, going to Blizzcon. Just being able to meet some new people, and even pass out some of the codes I had for OMDU to people that were interested, and just generally talk shop on games I enjoy. So much hype for Overwatch as well as OMDU now.
    • How would you describe your taste in music?
    I like to listen to a good variety of music, usually ranging from rock to techno to dubstep. Rap/hip-hop and country are the only nos on my listen list.
    • Favourite film of 2014?
    I do not really watch many movies or TV, but the best movie this year has to be Guardians of the Galaxy. I didn’t know anything about it going in, thinking it was going to be a super hero movie. When I got a space action movie, I was floored.
    • Aside from OMDU – what other games are you playing at the moment?
    Aside from OMDU, I play Hearthstone. I do go through steam games every once in a while, including 5 Nights at Freddy’s (cleared 20/20/20/20) and Shovel Knight. I can’t wait until Overwatch is released so I can add that to my list.
    • How did you discover OMD?
    I actually found OMD first when watching Let’s Play’s by Team Four Star, who were playing OMD2. At the time I didn’t get into it, but about a year or so later (about 4 or 5 months back now?) Noxious took a break from Hearthstone for a few weeks and played this. I decided to give it a try and instantly fell in love with it.
    • What do you think some of the big changes will be in the OMDU phase 2 beta?
    I would really like to see an upgrade/modding system for the guardians, or maybe an endless wave mode that lets you play like OMD1 or 2.
    • What would you like to see more of in OMDU – heroes, maps, minions or traps?
    In order, I would like to see Maps > Heroes > Minions > Traps. More maps means better replay-ability, heroes are good for different team comps. Minions add different ways to handle defense and what traps you want to keep. Traps I think are the least important. I am actually in the process of writing a post about traps (it will probably be posted before this interview goes live).
    REF Edit – the post can be found here.
    • Thinking of OMDU heroes – which are your favourite and least favourite? 
    Favourite has to be Kobold King by far. A lot of people dislike him because they think he is an assassin, or try to play him as such. He is a very high skill hero that requires a lot of finesse and timing.
    Least favourite (to play against at least) is Warmage. He can do amazing things when placed in the right hands and can be one of the most deadly forces on a team if played right.

    Shout out

    • Is there anything you would like to say to all the OMD fans out there right now?
    Just keep finding obscure bugs and reporting them. Do what is fun for you in the game, be it playing casually with friends or going crazy with theory crafting what is the best strategies to use. Just have fun, it is a game after all.

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