• Hero Academy and OMDU patches are incoming


    The bots at Robot central are on the cusp of releasing two new patches shortly. The patch 1.7 for the closed beta of Orcs Must Die! Unchained, but also the iOS8 patch for Robot’s popular mobile strategy game, Hero Academy.

    Hero Academy

    The upcoming patch will enable better support for the title on iOS8. The patch is due to land on the app store this upcoming week and features the following changes:

    1. Fixed issue with screen hanging when starting a game
    2. Fixed game chat bubble glitches
    3. Fixed issue where modal message overlay dimming wasn’t covering entire screen on wide screen phones
    4. Various iOS 8 crash fixes

    Next week is a great time to fire up Hero Academy and play some games – why not take on some players from the Hero Academy League?

    Orcs Must Die! Unchained

    The 1.7 patch for OMDU is due to land November 18, 2014 and as always is jam-packed with features including the much wanted Guardian changes and even a brand new Hero! Lets dive into some of the highlights of this patch.

    New Hero – Apprentice

    There’s a new apprentice in town. The War Mage is all grown up, following his training under the stewardship of the Master. Now he is ready to take on an Apprentice of his own.

    A spunky adolescent with a penchant for “accidentally blowing up the turkey” and “not meaning to freeze Temper’s tail to the forge”, the Apprentice is War Mage’s first (and probably the last) protégé. She can’t really control her powers, including which element they happen to be, and that is both awesome and terrifying. Her familiar, Feebee, is a shape-changing creature of chaos itself; the firebat will change element to match her mistress.

    You may be wondering what element the Apprentice has. It turns out that as she is still in training, she is currently un-decided on her elemental powers and she actually receives her assigned element at the beginning of each match. This element can be either Fire, Frost, Lightning, or Arcane. This certainly makes her quite a different and unique hero.

    She has some pretty interesting abilities to. Her passive is “Feebee the Firebat” which stays at her side during battle and will help attacking minions and heroes by randomly shooting the apprentices current magic element.

    Should you find the current element assigned isn’t too your liking, you’ll be wanting to use her Q ability “Spell Swap” which causes an area of effect blast of the new randomly assigned element. After which this new element takes effect. She is going to be a very interesting hero on the battle field. Check out the patch notes to learn more about her.

    In-Game Leaderboard

    New in this patch is an in-game leaderboard which keeps track of what teammates are getting up to. The leaderboard will show which players are currently doing best at attacking and defending by assigning point scores. (Think Age of Empires “score” for those AOE fans). It should be pretty cool to have a great wave and see your name up in lights. The leaderboard can be activated by pressing “B”.

    New Skins

    No patch is complete without some new funky hero skins! Heading to the outfitters this week are Ball and Chain, Prospector, Apprentice, Ancestor and Temper. Check out the new skin choices!

    Hero / Trap / Gear Updates

    There are a bunch of hero, trap and gear updates that avid players will be sure to want to read the full patch notes to dig into them. But some things we found particually interesting include:

    • Prospector- Building a new Underground Road tunnel will destroy the oldest tunnel instead of both.
    • Stinkeye – Placing Totems in walls is no longer a thing and Totems can no longer be placed on ledges or small areas.
    • Anti-Magic Field – resized to 2×1 instead of 1×1.

    Gaurdians have quite alot of changes so here are the patch notes verbatim:

      • Increased sight radius of Guardians.
      • Guardians wait longer between attacks on faster movers.
      • Enemies in the area get an all armor type debuff of -70.
      • Guardians don’t attack players if there are minions present.
      • Guardians won’t walk to players, will only shoot ranged attacks.

    As has the Ring of Last Stand:

      • Cooldown increased to 60s.
      • Mana cost reduced to 25.
      • Keeps you In Combat for the duration of the invulnerability buff.
      • Duration reduced to 2.5s.

    This pretty much sums up what we think are the biggest changes. If you are thirsty for more the full patch notes beckon. We’ll see you online come Tuesday 18th November when the 1.7 patch is due to be released. Happy Orc slayin’!

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