• Spotlight On: Yolteotl


    We’re heading over across the pond this week for Fan Friday to the OMDU EU community with the spotlight landing on regular forum poster, Yolteotl from France. Lets find out a bit more about him!

    The Basics

    • Age: 24 years old
    • Home Town: Bordeaux, in France


    • Outside of gaming, what do you do by day?

    I have been graduated this year, so now I have a master degree in Computer Science and I just started a job in a big French company working in arming and aeronautic industries. I did two internships in this company, so it was an important goal for me to stay inside. It’s what I wanted to do for almost 10 years so I’m very proud to achieve all those steps !

    • Aside from gaming what other hobbies do you enjoy?

    More gaming ? Jokes aside, I jog and bike at least one time by week, sport is important to be fine ! And some could shout out, but I’m a brony  too. Bronies are guys (and girls) liking the new tv show of My little pony universe. If you don’t know it, give it a try !


    I can’t stop this answer without talking about gaming. I was a big player of Starcraft 2 (High master with more than 7000 games), before that it was WoW and Counter Strike 1.6. Already 15 years of Esport gaming.

    • What are your top 3 most favourite bands / musicians?

    I almost like all kind of musics, depends of my mood, from pop to electro, metal to classic… My most favourite bands are Nightwish, swedish band playing symphonic metal, Daft Punk, the worldwide known electro artists. For the last, I will hesite between AOA (Ace of Angel), a kpop girls band and Les cowboys fringants, a french-canadian band playing pop-country musics.As I said, a bit of everything.

    • What has been your biggest life adventure so far?

    Not a lot of experiences on this side. I’m not really a traveller or some kind of super guy filming himself with a GoPro doing some crazy stuff.
    I studied 200km far from my parent’s town, and now I’m even more farest, meeting new people, making new friends… Life making his way !

    • 2014 is rapidly drawing to a close, with these last few months left do you have any big plans for the rest of 2014?

    The most important will be to pass my trial period (2 months) in my new job.

    • How did you discover Orcs Must Die! ?

    It’s far away now. I discovered it with the first one. I supposed I read one or two good reviews, and thought this game could be fun. And it was ! The second with coop was even better since I played it with friends.
    When I saw the announcement of Orcs must die ! Unchained, I was both really excited and skeptical. I don’t really like Free to play and MOBA games. So he took me some times to  accept  this and to buy a founder pack. And it was a good decision since I felt in love with this game.

    • How often do you play OMDU online?

    I used to play a lot more when we were able to play as 5 premade teams. We tried to push the meta, discovered subtleties of gameplay. Trying to find how a  pro team could play it, it was fun, it was great because we were able to find some crazy stuff. I can understand that lot of games were just noob-stomping , but we found some other teams too and some of those games were legendary for us.
    Now, I’m playing one or two games per day, waiting the new patch, and an open beta which is so long to come.

    • Which OMDU hero is your favourite and why?

    Some people hate me because of this character. At the beginning, I tried lot of heroes, Stinkeye, Ivy… But when I started playing with Midnight… It wasn’t just another hero, I felt the fun, I felt that she was for me and I could do my best with her.

    Even if I liked her, when I started to play her, I died a lot. It’s the character with the less hp of the game, and it’s one of the hardest to master. It took my one or two months to get some results. Now my goal is to find new ways to play her. I can’t say everything about it (or Rimmon would kill me), but you have to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Defending one wave, attacking the next, and chasing some low-life people after that. You don’t have to be every waves in defense, if the opponents think you can be here, they won’t be as impetuous as they could be.


    • OMDU has been in closed beta for a while now, do you think the game is ready to move to open beta or are there more things you would like to see first?

    The game is in a good shape, but lot of features are missing. If they want to do an open beta, they will need to have all basic Esport features, spectator mod, replay, ingame chatroom…
    They really need to have the perfect game, at the good time. Robot will have one chance, one only chance to succeed and be the next thing. From what they showed to us, I’m confident, but it won’t be an easy task.


    • What do you think about the Halloween themed map for OMDU – would you like to see more themed maps throughout the year?

    This theme was great, but if it’s possible, I would prefer to have more maps rather than more themes. 


    Shout out

    • Is there anything you would like to say to all the OMD fans out there right now?

    Talk about the game to all your friends. The next two months won’t be easy since we won’t have any patches, and we need to keep an healthy and growing community. This success depends of Robots and us. For example, I wrote a preview for a french website some months ago, and some readers started to play. If it can help the game and the community, do it !

    Best of luck with your new job Yolteotl! If anyone has any ideas for the community over the next few months, let us know in the comments!

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