• Last chance to get OMDU Founders Packs – also store going offline


    Robot Entertainment has posted some important news in their latest blog post on the Orcs Must Die! website. This important news affects both new and existing players alike.  From from 9am CT on Friday December 12th until Monday December 15th the North American Unchained servers will be going down for maintenance.

    Players who are looking to join the closed beta of OMDU need to do so BEFORE December 12th as after this date the founders packs will be going away and players will have no means to get instant access to the closed beta until Phase 2. If you are thinking about getting exclusive closed beta access along with all the founders benefits such as in-game gold and the Enchanted Armor you need to purchase your founders pack pretty sharpish!

    For existing players it should be noted that after December 12th the in-game store will be disabled. This means that you will no longer be able to buy any card packs or vanity skins. If you are looking to buy items for in-game use between now and phase 2, you must do so BEFORE December 12th. From this date on wards card packs will only be available via leveling up in-game. If you hit the height of level 40, you will earn a pack of cards for every 300xp.

    Be sure to read the full blog post to ensure you are fully in-the-know about the changes that are coming to Orcs Must Die! Unchained this weekend. Please note these changes are for the North American servers only. Changes to the European servers are not yet announced.

    For a reminder of these sweet sweet Founders Packs that you can get your hands on only for the last few days now, check out the image below. Click the image if you would like to purchase a pack. This really is your last chance to be an OMDU founder under this scheme!

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