• Spotlight On: Cremvursti & Dubioasa (Part 1)


    We’re back with Fan Friday in 2015! As things start to fire back up at Robot and the new year gets into swing, its going to be an exciting next few months to be a Robot and OMD fan. We’re kicking things off with a special Fan Friday feature too with a double interview. Those in the EU community may recognize Cremvursti & Dubioasa as the couple that stream OMD over on their Twitch channel. They both found OMD together so we thought it only right to interview them both.

    Today we have Part 1 of the interview with Cremvursti and on Sunday we’ll be seeing Dubioasa’s take on the same questions. So lets find out a bit about them!

    The Basics

    • Name: Valentin (in-game: cremvursti)
    • Age: 21
    • Home Town: 20k ppl lill romanian town that translates as “fir tree”; moved to Cluj-Napoca, Romania, for studying purposes.


    • What do you both do by day?

    Well, we’re both studying Journalism, but given the fact that our schedule is pretty relaxed, we sit around doing lazy stuff around the house. This includes things like playing video games, watching movies or just hanging around with our cat Skittles :D.

    • How did you first meet?

    Haha… Dubi actually dumped me on our first date :D… she totally forgot that she had to go out with me (I asked her out on Facebook after seeing that she was in the same year with me studying journo (this happened about 2 years ago). She felt bad about it tho and asked me out a few days later. It went cool. Now I’m happy xD

    • What made you want to start streaming?

    I’ve been long planning on streaming, and this semester@uni we have a course in which we get graded based on the number of viewers we get on a website that we had to build. Looking back at it, it may have not been such a great idea, given the fact that it’s pretty hard to convince people to watch your stream on any other website than Twitch. But still, it made me think seriously about streaming. I asked Dubioasa about her 2cents on my idea, she agreed and here we are.

    • Outside of OMD and streaming, what other things do you both do for fun?

    Play /w Skittles, cook and drink Cola <3

    • What are your highlights of 2014?

    Hmm. Dunno for sure. Maybe the fact that I got a scholarship for good grades (which was totally unexpected, usually only Dubioasa gets that)… Also, it’s the year we started our streaming project, which hopefully we will be able to continue for quite a while. And also the fact that me and Dubi celebrated two years together <3

    • What are you doing over the New Year?

    Celebrating with Dubi, popping some champagne (Robby Bubble ftw xD)… something along those lines.

    • How did you discover OMD?

    I’ve read reviews about the first game AND the second, but never really tried it until I met Dubi. I bought two copies of OMD! 2 and played it in co-op with her (it was actually our first co-op game played together <3)… that happened either late 2012 or early 2013.

    • Which are your favourite heroes and why?

    When I started playing I mained Hogarth. He was the type of hero that I play in MOBAs (bulky, physical, melee). Then I started noticing how OP is Stinkeye in defense and this, coupled with the fact that Dubi usually plays Sorc, made me choose him as my main. That way we can both play in defense and coordinate our actions.

    • If there was one thing that you would most like to see phase 2 bring to Unchained, what would it be?

    If we’re talking about game mechanics or content… I’m not quite sure… maybe more heroes. But the ONE THING I’d like to see from phase 2 is more players. This game has a huge potential of being “the next big thing” and if it reaches at least half of it, I’m going to be very happy :D

    • When can we see you streaming next?

    Probably on the 3rd of January (I think FaTeReLLa will stream on the 2nd, so we won’t try to compete with her :P). Seeing as how we had mild success with the stream, we’re probably going to try and set up a fixed schedule of OMD! Unchained streams (probably about twice per week, at least up until Phase 2).


    Shout out

    To all the OMD fans: if you haven’t played Unchained, you seriously have to. Don’t let words like “free-to-play”, “multiplayer” or “MOBA-like” stand between you and a great game.

    Also, we’d like to thank everybody that has watched our stream. Hopefully you found us entertaining. If not, come again soon, we work really hard on improving the “fun factor” of our stream, but it’s a lot easier when you have viewers with whom to chat and have a laugh.

    Stay tuned to see Dubioasa’s take on these interview questions on Sunday!

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