• Spotlight On: Rimmon and Atypical Neurons


    We’ve got another special Fan Friday feature this week. We’re interviewing Rimmon of the OMDU EU community. Those who check the EU forums will probably know that Rimmon is currently working with Muchcoffee on a brand new OMDU community website called “Atypical Neurons“.

    The duo have some BIG things planned for this new website and is set to be jam-packed full of very useful features and tools for players to make the most of OMDU. The website has been described as an Information Hub and Theorycrafting Platform. It certainly lives up to its description boasting a fully detailed heroes, weavers and card database, a game guide detailing leadership, maps trap placement and more.

    Looking ahead the duo have plans to introduce some excellent features including:

    • Attribute Calculator and Deck Builder will help you plan your builds, and share them with others to get feedback.
    • Click on 5 Heroes and the Setup Planner will automatically tell you how many Trap Disables, Stuns, Roots, Escort Abilities, (and more) that the setup includes. It’ll show all relevant hero and minion synergies.
    • The Warcmap Editor will let you put minion cards in to a warcamp; displaying the minion formations, minion speed, and which buffs or debuffs they provide. It will point out if any minion will run ahead of the pack, or get left behind, and other useful information.
    • Plan whole trap rooms with the Trap Layout Editor. Showing unique combo points, debuffs, the individual and total coin cost, and more.
    Not only that but there are also plans afoot to develop a guide writer for the heroes, Tournament Tracker, Podcasts, Competitions, and even a Mobile App. Rimmon and Muchcoffee are certainly under-taking a big project here. So we thought we’d find out a bit more about the people behind Atypical Neurons – starting with Rimmon!

    Lets find out a bit more about him!


    Name: Joel Bergqvist

    Age: 27

    Home Town: Västerås, Sweden.


    • What do you do by day?

    I’m unemployed while waiting for further diagnosis and treatment. I have a preliminary diagnosis of Bipolar disorder, and my professional life completely fell apart due to it about two years ago.


    • How about outside of work – what hobbies / interests do you have?

    I love interior decorating, which ties in to my interest in thrift shopping and building furniture out of salvage. I also read, and practice philosophy, mainly stoicism.
    During the not so cold parts of the year I spend a lot of time outside picking berries, mushrooms, fishing, etc.


    • What was your highlight of 2014

    2014 was an amazing year to pick Porcini, and some other mushrooms.


    • How did you discover Orcs Must Die! ?

    I’ve played Tower Defense games for over 10 years, so I’ve always been on the lookout for nice games in the genre. I was a bit late to the party when it came to OMD, only found out about it a few months after OMD2 had been released. I was probably just browsing games on Steam, often a fruitless endeavour for me, this time however I struck gold.


    • We hear you are working on a new website for OMDU – can you tell us a bit about it?

    I’d be delighted to! Atypical Neurons is intended to support the OMDU community, and work as a hub for everything OMDU related. Our main focus will be to provide tools for players to better plan their tactics, but we’ll also post news, videos, guides etc.


    • What made you want to start Atypical Neutrons with Muchcoffee?

    Back in August when I first started playing OMDU I was doing trap layouts in excel, and I wished there would be website with a trap layout editor. Muchcoffee was over here from Norway to visit, and we started talking about what such a website could contain. That turned in to a three day long brainstorming session. And a few days later the first version of the site was online.

    We quickly understood that the project would work wonders for both of us, on a personal level. It was the first thing to ever motivate us to the point where quitting was no longer an option. If I allow myself to use hyperbole I’d say it brought meaning to our lives.


    • With lots of features planned – what are your top 3 best features for the new website?

    1. The Card Database

    My speciality lies in Data Management, so building the database and the means for people to search and filter through it, is really exciting to me personally.

    2. Planning Tools

    There’s so many tools planned (ha. ha.), that it’s hard to pick just one. They’ll all tie together to let you plan and share a whole team’s strategy. But since the Trap Layout was what set the project in motion it’ll feel really special to launch that.

    3. Guide Writer

    We have some ideas on how to streamline user submitted guides. This will simplify the process of submitting a guide, a lot.Players will be able to display heroes, minions, traps, and anything else by choosing it from our database. No need to link to pictures or copy the skill descriptions. This will speed up the writing process as well as ensure consistency even in the user submitted material on our site.

    • Looking further down the road, what else would you like to implement on the site?

    We’d love to have user accounts linked to in-game accounts, so you can use your in-game inventory for our deck editor etc. Our wish is that Robot will provide the community with a nice API in the future, making such things possible.
    If the game would grow bigger than we expect, a mobile app might happen. So you can see current special offers from the in game store, read news etc. A simple version of some of our planning tools could also be included.


    • Roughly when are you planning to Go Live out of alpha?

    We’ve been working really hard the past few weeks to put together a working alpha version of the site, which is intended to be live at the time this interview is published. Before this we’ve considered ourself to be pre-alpha, if we are to use such definitions.
    If we can enter beta during phase 2, and get far enough to have a functional, user friendly site once the game is released we’d be more than happy.

    • Is there anything the community can do to help with this big task?

    Tell us we’re pretty. Every time we get feedback, and see that people use what we create, it motivates us to work even harder.


    Spread the word, engage in the discussion about our site on the European forum, give us feedback. And spread the word about the game, our site is nothing without a player base to support.


    While we don’t expect it, we wouldn’t mind if you would donate money to help us out. We hope to prove ourselves capable of realizing all of this, and once we’ve proven ourselves capable we hope someone will feel us worthy of a small donation.

    Shout Out

    Is there anything you would like to say to all the OMD fans out there right now?

    Keep playing, keep discussing on the forum, keep watching the streams. If you’re interested in seeing this game succeed, be an active community member! It might not be much, but providing towards an active community is the easiest thing we can do to further the success of the OMD franchies.


    We’ll be catching up with Muchcoffee a bit later on to see how things are going with Atypical Neurons. In the meanwhile be sure to check out their website, currently in alpha, to see how things are going so far. Be sure to leave feedback on the forums or the comments box. They would sure appreciate your thoughts.


    We look forward to seeing these excellent features come to life!

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