• Just how old are the OMDU heroes?


    You may have come across last week a new tool that has been popular on social media, Microsoft’s new “How old do I look” robot. It’s quite a fun tool, you can upload a picture of yourself on the website and the tool will estimate your age and gender. It’s all a bit of fun.

    We thought we might take this opportunity to find out a bit more about the OMDU heroes and see what the How Old bot has to say about their ages! Here’s what we have:

     Who knew?
      How delightful I’m sure she would say!
      Err… sorry Madam! I don’t think you’re human!
      Well they say elves do not age!
      She won’t be happy!

    Obviously these aren’t their real ages. That remains a secret. If you do want to know more about the heroes on OMDU, check out the official Wiki which has detailed back story of most of the heroes and their past.

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