• Orcs Must Die! Unchained Patch 2.2 coming next Wednesday


    Robot Entertainment are poised to release the next patch for Orcs Must Die! Unchained closed beta. Dubbed “Rifty Business” in the spirit of Cygnus getting his very own unique weaver tree. As always the patch is jam packed with changes. Here are some of the highlights.

    Cygnus’s Weavers

    Cygnus now joins the party having his own unique weaver upgrades, rather than “borrowing” some of the other heroes! Here is what’s got lined up for Cygnus in patch 2.2:

    Tier 1

    Assisted Walking +10% Movement Speed.
    Conductive Materials Shooting Pylon with “Chain Lightning” increases the damage buff by 20%.
    Sneaky Old Fart Control effects on you are 50% less effective.

    Tier 2

    Paternal Instinct Your Rift Shards last 20% longer.
    Elderly Urging Increase summon speed for “Rift Shard” by 20%.
    Riftway Your allies can use the Rift Shard to teleport back to the Rift.

    Tier 3

    Price of Power +50 to Maximum Mana and -10 to Maximum Health.
    Dead Useful Allies can use the Rift to teleport to you during “Feign Death”.
    Ornery +15% Damage to Boss minions and Large minions.

    Tier 4

    Get Off the Lawn When “Rift Lord” is active, Chain Lightning hits +2 additional targets.
    Young at Heart You are no longer affected by the ‘Old’ debuff.
    Rift Mastery Your team’s Rift shoots Rift Lightning at +2 extra minions.

    Additional Guardian for each lane on each map

    Thats right, there are now three guardians on each lane of each map. The third guardian stands alone and does not have a glyph spot. He is also weaker than the current existing guardians so he will fall faster. The idea behind this is that the team on offense will now feel like they are making more progress on the earlier waves, rather than having to slowly bring down the current guardian, possibly only getting minor damage each wave. (Depending on the team, of course.) Now it should feel a whole lot better for offense when the first guardian falls and it should put the pressure on defense.

    The guardian change has recently been covered on Insider Access. If you want to hear more about these changes, just hit the play button below.

    Unchained Fortress gets more polish

    The art bots have been hard at work improving the Unchained Fortress map with new art and lighting it looks even better than before. The map has also had quite a few geometry changes too. In similar vein to the escape route that was added to Clffside Clash there is now an escape route running down the middle of Unchained Fortress. Here is a capture from Insider Access showing the new escape route. You can check out the full Insider Access video below to see some of the great new lighting thats going into this map in patch 2.2. Hats off to the art bots!

    Shiny new deck builder UI

    The deck builder has been given a pretty extensive make-over too. Infact, its had quite a redesign and now works a whole lot better and more logically. The “My Decks” screen now lists all your decks along with a pretty smart preview of what cards are inside.

    Delving into a deck there is now a handy preview on the left hand side so you can see more clearly what is in your deck. On the top navigation cards are split into categories allowing you to filter all your available cards that apply to that category as before, but the menu now looks cleaner and more obvious.

    The improvements to the dashboard, I’m sure will be most welcome!

    Hero health, range and leadership / coin changes.

    Interestingly in this patch all of the heroes have had their health reduced by 10%, except for Ivy. Also instant ranged attacks will now deal lesser damage the further away the target is. The damage penalty applies from 5000 to 10000 range, scaling from 100% to 50%. This is to help balance cases where ranged heroes could camp out at certainly locations and deal un-due amounts of damage.

    In other interesting news offense now gains experience 15% slower and defense now gains experience 35% faster and player kills are now worth 50% more leadership and coin, making killing other heroes more valuable.

    Hero seekers and trap cap

    Glory seekers are now known as “Hero seekers”, in most part to avoid players having the “Whats a Glory Seeker” question. The term “hero seeker” avoids the ambiguity of what the trap does. The damage of these traps will scale depending on the level of the owner, and the damage is flat, not based on percent.

    Also the trap cap is now a set figure based per map. This means if a player drops out, the full trap cap is available to all players. Hoorah!

    As always this is just a summary of the patch notes. To find out more about the changes in patch 2.2 you can sink your teeth into the full patch notes on the forums. The patch will be landing next Wednesday, 20th May for both North America and EU!

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