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    This week we take to the OMDU EU community to find out a bit more about Soundwave as part of our semi-regular Fan Friday interviews! So without further ado here is some information about the person behind the username. We learn that Soundwave is currently studying Audiology which is the study of human hearing. Interesting stuff and certainly a big change from his original career path! Read on to find out more!

    The Basics

    • Name: Dave
    • Age: 30
    • Home Town: London


    • What do you do by day?

    Currently a postgrad student studying Audiology. My original degree was in maths so its quite a departure for me but working in finance was just too boring!


    • What are your hobbies and interests? 

    A lot of my freetime is used on videogames but I also do a fair bit of painting. This came from playing tabletop games like warhammer 40k but these days I am more into the painting side of things than playing the games. I’ve backed the OMD tabletop game and looking forward to painting OMD models in the future.


    • How would you describe your taste in music?



    • What are some of your favourite websites that you visit often?

    Well theres the usual like facebook and twitter. I get pretty much all my game news from Neogaf.


    • Do you have any pets?

    Yep! a dog and a parrot (african grey).


    • Aside from OMDU, what other games do you like to play?

    Recently I’ve started playing Heroes of the Storm and I’ve been enjoying it a lot more than I thought i would. I’ve played a huge amount of games in the past and there is far too much to list all of them – some of the games i’ve invested the most amount of time into though are probably RTS like starcraft 1+2, dawn of war 1&2.


    I don’t play a lot of FPS these days as I’ve grown a little tired of the standard fomula they tend to adhere to, but I had a lot of fun with the classic styled arena shooters back in the day – Particularly Unreal tournament, which I spent quite a few years playing competitively.


    I like single player RPGs as well, hoping to get round to trying out both witcher 3 and dragon age inquisition soon.

    • How did you discover Orcs Must Die! ?

    Caught the trailer that was made to advertise the PS4 version of the game (OMDU). Found out the beta was already running on PC in a discussion thread on a forum about it. Until then, despite being a big fan of OMD2 I didn’t know the game existed.

    • Which hero do you think is most OP right now and why?

    Blackpaw for offence and Sorceress for defence.


    On blackpaw: Blackpaw is too sustainable and tanky for an assassin style character. His high damage dealing
    bite also gives him a lot of sustain with heal, and if things turn sour he can escape as easily as he dived in. His gnolls can distract one defender and block shots to help him tank. A good blackpaw player has all the tools to never die, he is completely free of risk to play. I feel like as an assassin, he should be good at 1v1, but he should also be easily punished if he tries to bite off more than he can chew.


    On sorceress: A lot of the problem I feel is based around shockwave. One button press does so much damage to the minions it can often clear the wave. She also has the best auto attack of the defenders, as well as having the best escape ability, and two forms of CC.

    • What do you think about the recent guardian changes? Yay or Nay?

    Hard for me to comment on as I haven’t managed to get into a lot of 2.2 games so far. I agree with the problem outlined though that the game was lacking a sense of progression in 2.1 and 2.0 for offence. I wonder though if this could also have been dealt with by making the wearing down of the guardian health more prominent, but in theory 3 guardians could work as well.


    • If there was one thing you could change about OMDU right now, what would it be?

    It’d probably be the hero speed – i’d make it somewhere between phase 1 and phase 2. I personally feel that the current speed makes going back and forth between the action just a little too lengthy, and limits some of the ability to evade skills and shots.

    Shout Out

    • Is there anything you would like to say to all the OMD fans out there right now?

    I’ve not had as much time to play the game a lot recently because of work but I look forward to seeing everyone in game again soon hopefully.


    Thanks for taking part Soundwave!

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