• Robot’s CEO talks about the road to open beta


    Patrick Hudson, Robot Entertainment’s CEO has taken to the official website to update eager fans on the current status of Orcs Must Die! Unchained and where things are heading. Its been around a year since closed beta and Patrick makes note that this process has truely been a closed beta and not akin to a “pre-release demo”. Indeed we have seen comprhensive changes from what we see today in the closed beta than what we had a year ago.

    Patrick’s open letter updates fans on the plan going forward. Things are going to start to take a faster pace as the studio targets the Go Live date for OMDU to be early 2016. This means we will see an open beta between now and then. We don’t have an open beta date just yet, but it should be forthcoming soon.

    In a nutshell the priorites for the game going forward are:

    1. Improvements to the PvP mode aimed at better combat, hero depth, crafting and general offensive gameplay breadth.
    2. New heroes consistently rolled out starting with the next patch.
    3. More PvE. We think of PvE as traditional Orcs Must Die! gameplay. We have ambitious plans for PvE that we can’t wait to unveil. The Endless mode recently released is just the beginning.
    4. Polish. Lots and lots of shiny polish.

    In addition Robot is keen to provide regular updates and more insight for fans on the roadmap going forward, including patch dates and content. On Insider Access, Community Manager, Justin “SixOkay” Korthof hinted of a system where we can upvote certain feature requests.

    We’ve got a new OrcsMustDie.com website coming soon along with some detailed updates, including another open letter from SixOkay to give us even more information on the plans ahead coming out later this week. Be sure to keep yourself in the know and look out for this on the OMDU Forums.

    Meanwhile take a look at the full letter from Patrick Hudson on the website using the link below:


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