• Introducing a new OMDU PvE exclusive map – Crogon Keep


    There is a new map coming to the Orcs Must Die! Unchained closed beta in patch 2.7 which is due to land next week. As revealed on the OMDU blog the new map is “Crogon Keep”, a map aligned to the Unchained. According to the blog:

    The site of Crogon Keep was originally a small town, Murkdale, on the outskirts of the Territories Humaine and situated on the banks of the fertile Greenthorn Swamp. After it was repeatedly invaded by the horrible, reptilian crogons, the settlement was abandoned and reclaimed by the swamp. However, because the swamp has been abandoned, the Unchained have been using it as a hiding place for their ships and troops.

    This map has been made exclusively for PvE play, so it won’t be appearing in Siege mode for PvP. Exclusive maps for PvE was something that was talked about on the last episode of Insider Access. In order to tailor things better for PvE play such as Endless and Survival instead of re-hashing maps designed for PvP play, new maps are going to be designed which will be a better fit and more aligned to these game modes. This means that over time as more maps get added the existing PvP maps will be phased out of PvE play and there will just be a set of fine tuned, high quality PvE maps.

    We will then have the best maps crafted specifically for PvE or PvP.

    Some screenshots of the new map can be found below and you can read more about it on the official blog:


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